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International Trip
10 Travel Apps You Need To Make Your Next International Trip Easier

People travel for a lot of different purposes- an escape, …

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Brain Fog
Long Haul Covid: What is Brain Fog And Are You Going Through It?

Once you stain one of your favorite outfits, no matter …

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Wasted Flowers
Fleather: Wasted Flowers Upcycled Into Vegan Leather

Flowers have multiple uses, from welcoming someone home to celebrations …

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Zero-Emission Vehicles
Canada’s Climate Change New Regulations Encourage Adoption of Zero-Emission Vehicles

Canadians have clearly stated that they want a healthy economy, …

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Stress Free Holiday
6 Tips You Need For Having A Stress-Free Holiday Season

The long-awaited holiday season is knocking on the door. When …

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Football Cheers at the Dark Side of the Qatar World Cup

Criticism intensifies as the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar …

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information warfare
Information Warfare—The New Face of War and Destruction

The world has witnessed two world wars, civil wars, and …

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G20 summit
G20 Summit 2023: What World Expects From India’s Leadership?

On September 9–10 of next year, India will host the …

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Magic Mushrooms
25mg Of Magic Mushrooms May Help in Depression, Trial Suggests

Trial Findings: Magic Mushrooms Can Help A Depressed Brain  In …

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Pink Diamond
World’s Largest 170-Carat Pure Pink Diamond Found In South-Africa

The earth we live on still has so many secrets …

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“What Are The Odds?”- The Secrets Behind Coincidences

Ever happened that you decided last minute to wear a …

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Urbanization Causing Biggest Floods: Better Lifestyle, But At What Cost? 

Floods! Huge waves crash toward you, not caring if it …

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