Lung Cancer
Columbian Researchers Find New Bacterial Therapy To Approach Lung Cancer

The most lethal cancer in both the United States and …

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FDA Approves Alzheimer’s Drug Lecanemab Amid Safety Concerns

Food and Drug Administration on Friday approved a treatment for …

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safe and effective
US FDA Gives Green Signal For Pharmacies To Sell Abortion Pills

After the Supreme Court overturned the federal right to abortion …

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deep brain stimulation
A Brain Stimulator Powered By Breathing Instead of Batteries

New Techniques For Depression, Parkinson’s- Brain Stimulators Powered By Breathing  …

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As Glaciers Melt, Pandemics Dangerous than Covid are Closer

Melting Glaciers Contain 15000 Virus Microbe, New Study We don’t …

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World Philosophy Day
World Philosophy Day 2022- 5 Books to Read to Grow Your Mind

Have you ever said something profoundly poetic and beautiful, and …

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“New Omicron Variants BF.7 & BA.5.1.7 Are Extremely Contagious” – China Reports

In March 2020, the world saw one of the worst …

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breath and sweat
Dogs Can Sniff Out Stress From Their Owners’ Breath and Sweat

Dogs are known stress relievers. After a long hard day, …

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5 Daily Routines That Can Help You Deal With “Sadness” Better

Where there is life, there is growth. Where there is …

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Replacing Damaged Cartilages, 60% Water Based Cartilages are Sturdier

With great achievements and milestones, one achieves by the time …

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New York Asks WHO To Re-name ‘Stigmatising’ Monkeypox

After a meeting of the International Health Regulations Emergency Committee …

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Skin Repigmentation
Skin Repigmentation In Vitiligo Patients Can Now Be Treated At Home

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently authorized the …

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