eClerx Appoints Manish Sharma As Its New Chief Revenue Officer


Mumbai, April 11, 2024: eClerx Services Ltd “eClerx” has announced the appointment of Manish Sharma as its new Chief Revenue Officer. Manish will play a pivotal role in driving the company’s growth agenda while serving as a strategic business partner across the senior management team. He will be based in New York. With a focus […]

Synchronizing Success: Tools and Techniques for Multi-Business Productivity


Juggling multiple business ventures is like trying to keep several plates spinning at once – drop one, and the whole show could come crashing down. It’s a thrilling challenge, but without the right approach, things can get overwhelming fast. That’s where this guide steps in. We’re diving into a toolkit of strategies and digital helpers […]

The Psychology of Money Mindset: Know Financial Decision-Making

The Psychology of Money

This article explores the psychology of money and discovers the complex relationship between money management and human behavior. Explore strategies to identify personal financial attitudes, modify behaviors, and foster a stronger bond with money for sustained financial well-being. Money encompasses attitudes, beliefs, and actions. Our psychological foundation shapes how we perceive, manage, and interact with […]

10 Strategies For Building a Strong Personal Brand

Building Strong Brand Online

Explore expert strategies and actionable tips for building a strong personal brand online in our comprehensive blog. Discover the importance of authenticity, consistency, and engagement. Learn 10+ proven methods to craft a powerful online presence, expand your reach, and stand out in the digital realm, unlocking your true potential. Personal brand building Building a strong personal […]

The Secrets to Business Success: Tips for Entrepreneurs in 2024

The Secrets to Business Success in 2024

Achieving business success is the ultimate goal for entrepreneurs and business owners. While there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for success, there are certain strategies and principles that can significantly increase your chances of thriving in the competitive business landscape of 2024. In this blog, we’ll uncover the secrets to business success and provide you with valuable […]


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