India’s Bajaj Launches World’s First CNG Motorcycle: Freedom 125

Freedom 125

Bajaj Auto is back in the race of innovation with its world’s first CNG motorcycle, Freedom 125. On 5 July 2024, Bajaj displayed the bike that would be an amalgamation of performance and economy with eco-friendliness. With an attractive starting price of Rs. 95,000, the Freedom 125 will be a game-changing motorbike for city rides.

Engine and Performance

The Freedom 125 has a brawny 125cc engine that shells out 9.5 hp of power and 9.7 Nm of peak torque. This clearly states that the bike will not only give economical runs but also would not leave a dent in the performance arena. The dual fuel running capability of the Freedom 125 empowers riders to switch between petrol and CNG on the move without any hassle. Thus, making the overall ride experience flexible and convenient.

Of the things that honestly mattered about Freedom 125, one is its combined range. It comes with a 2-liter petrol tank and a 2 kg CNG gas tank for an overall reach of 330 km. Give it an excellent ride for both everyday travel and long drives. It lets one reduce a lot of stress from frequent stops to refuel.

Environment Interaction

In an era when carbon footprints matter most, Freedom 125 comes a step ahead with its sterling emissions performance. This bike emits 26 percent less carbon dioxide and 43 percent fewer nitrogen oxides than other petrol-run motorcycles. This makes it, therefore, an eco-friendly option in pollution-ridden cities for cleaner air and a healthier environment.


Bajaj launches Freedom 125 in three variants to serve the varied requirements and pockets of the buyer. They are: 

  1. NGO4 Drum: This base variant, for Rs 95,000, serves basic features and comes for the price-conscious customer.
  2. NGO4 Drum LED: A step up from the base model, this variant includes additional LED lighting features for improved visibility and aesthetic appeal.
  3. NGO4 Disc LED: This top-spec variant gets disc brakes with advanced LED lighting and commands a price tag of Rs 1.10 lakh for enhanced safety and more premium features.

Currently, Freedom 125 is open for booking in the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Deliveries of this vehicle are expected to start within a short while. Bajaj has planned to launch the bike in other parts of India in the early half of the next quarter, making it available nationwide. This is a staggered launch that the company has carefully planned to ensure they can meet the high demand likely to be attracted by their innovative motorcycle.

Key Features

One of the main features of the Freedom 125 would be the positioning of this CNG cylinder under the single seating arrangement; this will ensure that the bike’s aesthetic value is retained and the overall safety assurance. Extensive testing on this bike through a crash test has been done, and there has been no single case of damage or gas leakage, thus proving the safe riding criteria of Bajaj.

Refueling in the Freedom 125 has been made convenient and can be easily accessed from the CNG and petrol refueling respectively, through the same fuel cap cover. This ensures that there are no hassles to confuse the refueling riders when they are using one fuel and then shifting to another. This type of thoughtful design should enhance the overall user experience.

The introduction of the Freedom 125 by Bajaj Auto is a radical step ahead in developing motorcycles. In doing so, Bajaj has made the conventional two-wheeler more economical and environmentally friendly with CNG technology and set a new benchmark in the industry. With competitive pricing, an extensive range, and innovative features, Freedom 125 is sure to become one of the top choices for urban commuters seeking a sustainable and cost-effective mode of transportation.

In a world heading green, Freedom 125 becomes a testament to Bajaj’s vision and the supremacy of its engineering. If successful, this bike can further aid in entering more CNG-run two-wheelers into the market and accelerate the shift towards green, sustainable transportation.

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