Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Kick Off Epic Deadpool & Wolverine Tour

Deadpool & Wolverine

Ryan Reynolds, the lead role of Wade Wilson, a.k.a. Deadpool, has left no stone unturned in kicking off his promotional tour. He started with the accomplished co-actor Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine and director Shawn Levy in tow to take on the current trip. Other significant members other than the cast are their latest stops in Shanghai, China, and Seoul, South Korea.

The Fun Times in Shanghai and Seoul

This promotional tour has been anything but routine, with some highlights including giant blowup dolls, an impromptu game of baseball, and a meet-and-greet with the ever-so-famous K-Pop boyband known as EXO. And not to mention an epic water gun fight that unfolded in front of a massive crowd. These are things that have been driving the movie amidst a frenzy within its fandom well and stage setting uniquely for the much-anticipated film.

Waterbomb Festival in Korea

The Waterbomb Festival in Korea was one of the events that will go down as unforgettable in the course of the tour. On Friday, Reynolds took to his verified Instagram account and shared a series of images in a carousel format, showing the color and energy of the festival. The duo is seen getting drenched in the water right on the stage, caught up with the many who participated in the fun.

He was describing the festival, saying it’s “the coolest, most charming mix of K-pop, water-fights, dancing and joy.” He wittily said, “Promoting a film is supposed to be WORK but Marvel’s paying for us to go on the greatest vacation of our lives. Someone is for sure getting fired over there. Probably Kevin Feige.”

Through it all, Reynolds and Jackman have maintained their trademark snarky back-and-forth, keeping up the lighthearted, jokey, faux-frenemy vibe that’s long become part of their fan appeal. That has been going on since the two first worked together in 2009’s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” which introduced Reynolds as Deadpool for the first time—to a mixed reception.

Jackman even reposted from an Instagram user, Avengergram, who captioned an image featuring toy figurines of Deadpool and Wolverine: “Seeing all the ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ press tour posts is like watching a romantic comedy.” This playful camaraderie continues to endear them to fans around the world.

What’s Coming Up in Berlin

Another very enjoyable moment was the impromptu game of baseball, which brought out the lighter side of promotional activities. This further sealed Reynolds and Jackman’s reputation as genuinely being down-to-earth celebrities who enjoy interacting with their audience.

The next stop for Reynolds, Jackman, and Levy will be Berlin, Germany. The party doesn’t end there as the trio continues in the promotion style to yet another heavyweight city. Berlin nutjobs are already preparing for their arrival, hoping for even more memorable times and interactions with the stars.

Deadpool & Wolverine: Coming Soon

The long-anticipated movie “Deadpool & Wolverine” is finally set to hit theatres on July 26. The pairing of Reynolds and Jackman is highly spoken of, as fans salivate over on-screen chemistry and exactly how the story of Deadpool is carried on. It managed to bring its promotional tour filled with humor, adventure, and some much-needed fan engagement—something only this duo could pull off.

The promotional tour for Deadpool 4 by the incomparable duo Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman has been nothing less than eventful, with moments and fan interactions that many people will cherish forever. Along with the Waterbomb Festival of Korea, they met several K-Pop stars and played improbable baseball in Korean streets to entertain and amuse audiences worldwide. Fans from all over the world are now eagerly waiting for the Berlin fare and other places so they and everyone else can get a glimpse of the next chapter in the Deadpool saga.

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