Beware Of Artificial Intelligence: Can These Ai Models Replace Humans?

Artificial Intelligence

Less than two decades ago, the most advanced and modern version of artificial intelligence was a pager. Max it would do was help send short alerts to people connected to the system. Today we have advanced artificial intelligence systems for literally everything. A question troubling you? Google. Alexa. A song stuck in your head? Shazam. […]

The “Sinking” Himalayan Village In India: What is Happening?

Drainage System

Joshimath, an Indian Himalayan town that has been gradually sinking into the ground, has had hundreds of residents evacuated. The BBC’s Vineet Khare spoke to specialists to determine whether the village might be spared as people waited in limbo. Joshimath is located in the state of Uttarakhand, and its chief minister, Pushkar Singh Dhami, stated […]

The Dark Side of Open Ai’s ChatGPT, A Threats Against Intelligence


Technology- a boon or a curse? There have been countless debates on this topic. Although the greatest of minds don’t seem to have landed on a definite conclusion. New technological developments keep on coming to support or question the argument. On the wide display of technological marvels, we have a new entry – OpenAi’s ChatGPT.  […]

International Day of Education: 8 Historical Education Moments

International Day of Education

Education shapes life. Education can make or break futures. We have heard countless quotes about the importance of education along the way. Education gives people a chance to not just form but preach their opinions. In a world like ours, everyone needs to have a valid opinion base. And education provides that to people by […]

Columbian Researchers Find New Bacterial Therapy To Approach Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer

The most lethal cancer in both the United States and the rest of the globe is lung cancer. Patients have few options because many of the currently available medicines are useless. Bacterial therapy has been a promising new approach to treating cancer, however even though this treatment method has swiftly advanced from laboratory studies to […]

Quantum Computing And Supercomputers Will Revolutionize Technology

Quantum Computing

We live in the age of technology, yet there is still a lot more to come. In recent years, huge corporations have taken minor but significant advances ahead in quantum computing, which looks ready to revolutionize the world as we know it. The potential uses listed below will have an impact on everything from mobility […]

FDA Approves Alzheimer’s Drug Lecanemab Amid Safety Concerns


Food and Drug Administration on Friday approved a treatment for Alzheimer’s that has been shown in clinical trials to decrease cognitive loss in patients with the disease’s early stages. Even though there have been reports of adverse effects with the new medicine, doctors say the approval offers patients renewed hope following repeated failures to develop […]

Long Haul Covid: What is Brain Fog And Are You Going Through It?

Brain Fog

Once you stain one of your favorite outfits, no matter how many wipes or effort, a small patch will always stay. Like residuals and remains of a colony. A similar situation can be seen with COVID. Several survivors claim to be going through related or new symptoms once they recover. Brain Fog is one of […]

Fleather: Wasted Flowers Upcycled Into Vegan Leather

Wasted Flowers

Flowers have multiple uses, from welcoming someone home to celebrations big or small to commemorating, remembering, or honoring someone through garlands, individual petals, or an accessory.  What comes with this, is a huge waste of flowers once or even before they’re wilted. These flowers are dumped down the bin with no thought whatsoever. Saving them […]