Karen Simon: Understanding the Highs and Lows of Real Estate

The real estate sector is putting aside what it views as cyclical obstacles, such as increasing interest rates, a shrinking GDP, and diminishing transaction flow, and is instead adopting a long-term perspective on real estate assets. Their strategy was to weather the present downturn while repositioning their businesses for another time of steady growth and […]

Bala V. Sathyanarayanan Fastidious Mission to Deliver Customer Satisfaction With “Greif”

There is plenty of competition in the global economy, particularly in the sector. Organizational performance is significantly influenced by customer satisfaction. When colleagues are dissatisfied, there can be no satisfied customers in the industry. Employee commitment improves customer satisfaction and reduces attrition rates within the company. Colleagues are more likely to be committed to the […]

Rex Adams: Providing Best-In-Class Eyecare Services Throughout the U.S. 

An Eyesight Crisis Throughout the U.S. As the United States’ population grows older and as screen time increases, eyesight throughout the country continues to steadily regress. There are already 34 million Americans that are nearsighted and by 2030, that number is expected to climb to 39 million. By that time, there will also be nearly […]

Ross R James: Sensible and Sound Business Management Cloud—Accloud

We all have heard the phrase “missed by a whisker.” When one is extremely talented and passionate, but due to some unforeseen reasons, they are unable to reach their goal. These unforeseen reasons could be personal, professional, or intellectual, but most commonly, it is monetary. People having the talent and the brains to be the […]

Catherine M. Wehlburg: Continuing the Legacy of Affordable and Quality Education

Education has developed over time, moving away from more traditional learning methods and toward more cutting-edge contemporary ideas. Technology is the first trend that has been implemented into higher education This refers to technology, including computers, displays, mobile devices, and the internet. Writing, listening, and face-to-face teaching were once the foundations of education. There were […]

Yokogawa: A Suit of Armor Around Your Systems

Matthew Malone

While we roam around the streets, lanes, and boulevards of the Internet, we sometimes forget how dangerous they can be. Hackers are like video cameras set everywhere looking for the perfect chance to capture your information. Cases of identities, documents, and credentials being leaked are all too common. Even after several steps of verification, security, […]

Karen Simon: “Women Help Women. We Continue to Achieve and Transform”

We come across the finest leaders and the most efficient companies- through this magazine and other sources. Not many sources highlight the leader’s personal life, personal achievements, and moments that matter to them. These moments play a massive role in making that person or company they are associated with. No matter how much we preach […]

Annesa Dsouza: Finance Director – Pundit in Startup and New Businesses

Annesa D'souza

Companies may come and go with the times, just like civilizations can. Great leadership is the key to those, nevertheless, that endure for centuries. The skills of great leaders include inspiring people to see and share a vision as well as driving innovation inside the organization. Investors, customers, and employees all desire a strong leader […]


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