Long Haul Covid: What is Brain Fog And Are You Going Through It?

Brain Fog

Once you stain one of your favorite outfits, no matter how many wipes or effort, a small patch will always stay. Like residuals and remains of a colony. A similar situation can be seen with COVID. Several survivors claim to be going through related or new symptoms once they recover. Brain Fog is one of […]

Will China Give The World A Throwback To COVID-19? China Records A Million Cases


While the rest of the globe has been reporting a few infections daily over the previous few months, China is experiencing a rapid rise in Covid cases and deaths. Several sources claim that the Chinese healthcare system is under stress due to an increase in infections and fatalities. New questions concerning the pandemic have been […]

6 Tips You Need For Having A Stress-Free Holiday Season

Stress Free Holiday

The long-awaited holiday season is knocking on the door. When we see family, wear the ugliest but comfiest sweaters, and most importantly, have all the hot chocolate milk because calories don’t count for the holiday season! Duh! Now, this might be a different holiday season for some. Those who, along with the Christmas gifts baggage, […]

Football Cheers at the Dark Side of the Qatar World Cup

Criticism intensifies as the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar gets underway. Human rights advocates, lawmakers, soccer fans, and the media claim that 6,500 if not 15,000, people died due to the soccer event. But are the figures accurate? There has been discussion about Qatar’s treatment of foreign workers and the human cost of the […]

25mg Of Magic Mushrooms May Help in Depression, Trial Suggests

Magic Mushrooms

Trial Findings: Magic Mushrooms Can Help A Depressed Brain  In a shocking turn of events, research, and trials, Hallucinogenic or Magic-Mushrooms, if consumed in a recommended, controlled, and safe amount can make psychological therapy more successful.  Depression and other mental illnesses are increasingly and alarmingly wide-spreading. An estimated 100 million people worldwide have been diagnosed […]

“What Are The Odds?”- The Secrets Behind Coincidences


Ever happened that you decided last minute to wear a shirt, and you step outside and the sky is in the shades of your shirt? Or you were randomly thinking about someone, and they approached you out of the blue! Or you saw this reel of Ramen and your best friend in the evening says […]

Vaping Vs Smoking – The New and Newer Ways of Addiction

Vaping vs smoking

They say the media or cinema is explicitly the mirror of society. Whatever is shown on screen, has its roots in the real world. If we take a glance at the newest series or movies, there are two things extremely common. Sensual content and some kind of alcohol abuse- particularly smoking or vaping. It’s time […]

After the 9/11 Attack, How the US Strengthen Its Life-Saving Policies?

9/11 Attack

Terrorism did not begin on September 11, 2001, but that ill-fated day changed the world. The attacks on the United States, which killed nearly three thousand innocent people, demonstrated that terrorism had evolved into a global phenomenon capable of causing massive pain and destruction anywhere. Because of the magnitude of the attacks, no one could […]

World Mental Health Day 2022: Ways to Cure Empty Feelings and Identity Crisis

world mental health day

As residents of the 21st century, prioritizing mental health should be no breaking news. Taking a few minutes from our busy days to spend with yourself is all your mind needs at times. World Mental Health Day takes efforts to organize support for mental health and increase awareness of global challenges. The 10th of October […]