Black Friday
Why Are Workers Striking For Black Friday Sales?

Black Friday Sale – Amazon And Royal Mail Workers On …

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Archaeologists Discover Ancient Roman Snacks In The Colosseum

Hidden In The Colosseum: Archaeologists Find Ancient Roman Snacks Beginning …

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World Philosophy Day
World Philosophy Day 2022- 5 Books to Read to Grow Your Mind

Have you ever said something profoundly poetic and beautiful, and …

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Hiding In The Sun Is A Hazardous Asteroid, Twilight Surveys Report 3 NEAs

Now and then, there is a newsflash saying “an asteroid …

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Sound of black hole
NASA Reveals the Deep Void Sound of Black Hole

People who have listened to a sound sample that NASA …

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Hillary Clinton Shares A Dance Picture In Support Of Finland’s PM

“Keep dancing,” former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tweeted recently, …

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Apple Events 2022: What to Expect at “Far Out” in-Person Event?

When it comes to phones, Apple is one of the …

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Spanish Stonehenge
Spanish Drought Reveals Old Submerged “Spanish Stonehenge”

While Spain goes through the country’s worst drought in decades, …

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Beer for the Soul? More Like Beer for the SOLE

A pen is also a watch. A Pop Socket that …

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Electric Vehicle
KIA EV6 Named U.S. News 2022 ‘Best Electric Vehicle’

The 2022 Kia EV6 has been named to the list …

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Buy Me A Fighter Jet
Ukraine Launches Crowdfunding Campaign “Buy Me A Fighter Jet”

After the conflict between Russia and Ukraine started in February, …

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World’s First NFT War History Museum Raised $600,000 to Rebuild Destroyed Ukraine

NFT (non-fungible token) is an interchangeable unit of data on …

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