Metaverse: The Future of Business and Interactions

The Metaverse is the next step for gaming. A world …

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The Wait Is Finally Over! Apple Unveils iPhone 14 Series

At its Far Out Event in Cupertino, Apple unveiled four …

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Morocco’s Fog-Harvesting Technology Turns Fog into Drinking Water

If you open your daily newspapers, the news about Ground …

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Indian Man Built own Private Plane, Traveling Europe with Family

The epidemic was surely a tiring period for many, but …

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OneWeb and Eutelsat Merge to Compete in Satellite Space Race

Two leading competitors in the European satellite industry are merging …

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James Webb Telescope
3 Indian Gems Contributed to NASA’s James Webb Telescope Development

There is a huge team of scientists behind the success …

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Suspension Bridge
China Builds World’s Longest Single-Tower Suspension Bridge

The bridge, which is supported at both ends by cables …

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China Reports A Massive Data Breach: 1 Billion Citizens Data Hack

Recently, China has recorded a massive data hack and 1 …

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China’s First Solar-Powered Car, a Zero-Emission Level 4 Autonomous Vehicle

As other businesses across the world get closer to providing …

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Serial 1
Harley Davidson Launches Serial 1 Limited Edition Mountain Bike

Harley Davidson announced a series of exclusive, one-of-a-kind e-bikes under …

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Rog Swift 500Hz
Asus Unveils Overkill Rog Swift 500Hz Fastest Gaming Monitor

The best gaming monitors offer high refresh rates for smooth …

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Apple and Samsung Could Face Fines for Excluding Charger Bricks

Tech giants Apple and Samsung are reportedly dealing with new …

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