This Comet Could Be Visible To Naked Eye In January, February 2023

In 2023, there is already something to look forward to …

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lithium ion
Stora Enso’s Lignin – A Battery That is Generated From Trees?

Energy storage is a necessity for contemporary life. We wouldn’t …

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Elon Musk
The Public Has Spoken: Musk’s Stepping Down As Twitter CEO Gains Majority “Yes”

Well Well Well. Has the Elon Musk-Twitter story been updated …

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Epic Game’s Fortnite Penalized After Constant Claims Of “Tricking Users”

The developer (Epic Games) of the well-known video game Fortnite …

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deep brain stimulation
A Brain Stimulator Powered By Breathing Instead of Batteries

New Techniques For Depression, Parkinson’s- Brain Stimulators Powered By Breathing  …

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Employee Lay-Offs
Are Big Tech Employee Lay-Offs Start of a Global Recession?

UN recently announced that the world might go into a …

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LG Introduces “Rubber Band Like” Stretchable Rollable Screens

We started with foldable phones, and now we have foldable …

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Fake Verified Accounts Can Cascade The Platform Into Chaos

Ever since Elon Musk purchased Twitter in a $44 Billion …

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zero gravity
China Sending Monkeys In Zero Gravity To Test Survival 

The world is about to hit a population of around …

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broadcasting technology
India to Introduce Direct-To-Mobile Broadcasting, Watch Movies Without Internet

Picture this. You are on the metro or some weird …

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This TikToker Found That Salt Can Help Keep Your Computers Cool

As computers become more intensive, so does the hardware. However, …

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Metaverse To  Be A Gateway To Cybercrimes, Says Interpol

After its rocking presence in the gaming world, Metaverse got …

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