Leave Tokyo And Get 1 Million: Exciting Offer, Japan But Why?

million yen

According to several local media sources, Japan intends to increase financial assistance to households that relocate outside of the capital to stop the country’s other regions from depopulating. Starting in the fiscal year 2023, eligible families in the Tokyo metropolitan region will be able to earn 1 million yen ($7,700) per child if they relocate […]

Russia Gives Green Light To Bill Banning “Gay Propaganda”


Just Passed Russian Law Bans “Gay Propaganda”  Russia’s lower house of parliament has unanimously voted to extend its ban on so-called “gay propaganda”. Apparently, we are living in the 21st Century. Apparently the world has witnessed tons of revolutions and we stand together as the wise homo-sapiens of today. Apparently some parts of the world […]

As Glaciers Melt, Pandemics Dangerous than Covid are Closer


Melting Glaciers Contain 15000 Virus Microbe, New Study We don’t need a reminder of how and what the pandemic of 2020 was. From online offices and schools to fighting for essential goods, to hospital entries. We were a part of a historical event that our future generations will read about and term us brave for […]