Lake Powell
Lake Powell Loses Capacity and Shrinks Due to Drought

Lake Powell is the second largest man-made reservoir in the …

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Wildlife Preservation: India Imports Cheetahs to Prevent Extinction

Modern-day lifestyle on the one hand has elevated the lives …

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Boron To Generate Clean Fuels, A Roadmap to Cleaner Future

When we talk about the betterment of the planet and …

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Gasoline cars
California Bans Sales of Gasoline Cars, Road to Zero-Emission

The strict regulations, which will prohibit the sale of new …

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Morocco’s Fog-Harvesting Technology Turns Fog into Drinking Water

If you open your daily newspapers, the news about Ground …

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Spanish Stonehenge
Spanish Drought Reveals Old Submerged “Spanish Stonehenge”

While Spain goes through the country’s worst drought in decades, …

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China’s First Solar-Powered Car, a Zero-Emission Level 4 Autonomous Vehicle

As other businesses across the world get closer to providing …

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HCL Funds $15 Million to Entrepreneurs to Tackle Freshwater Crisis

With only 0.5% of freshwater available, it was so urgent …

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Australian Rainforest
Australian Rainforest Lifespan is Decreased by Half Due to Climate Change

Australia’s tropical rainforest trees have been dying at a double …

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Electric Vehicle
KIA EV6 Named U.S. News 2022 ‘Best Electric Vehicle’

The 2022 Kia EV6 has been named to the list …

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Carbon Free
How Google Aims to Become 100% Carbon-Free by 2030?

Google plans to be a 100% carbon-free company in the …

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MorningStar Farms on Mission to Make Plant-Based Foods a Norm

For over 40 years, MorningStar Farms has provided better-tasting foods …

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