Coast Croatia
Researchers Discover a 7,000-year-old Road Buried Under Sea in Croatia 

Off the coast of Croatia, researchers from the University of …

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Crashed Plane
YouTuber Deliberately Crashed Plane For Views. Pleads Guilty After Hiding The Incident.

Back in 2005, when YouTube was first found, no one …

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White House
AI Risks! White House orders Tech Giants to protect Public 

On Thursday, tech executives were called to the White House …

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Energy Solutions
New Energy Solutions- How is India taking a lead on it?

The world is undergoing a significant energy transition, with a …

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Artificial Intelligence
Is Artificial Intelligence A Threat or A Benefit- Workplace Edition

Artificial Intelligence has been the “trend” over the past few …

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Online Services
5 Proven Ways For Online Services To Protect Your Business From Customer Fraud

Owning a business has its pros and cons. Having something …

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Clash Of Clans
How To Play Clash Of Clans On a PC? All You Need To Know

Finnish video game developer Supercell launched and produced Clash of …

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WordPress plugins
5 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Nulled WordPress Plugins & Themes

When you work on something remotely digital, you most probably …

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National Science Day
National Science Day: 3 Contributions of C.V. Raman That You Might Not Know

How Much Do You Know About C.V. Raman? –  National …

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Microsoft’s Bing Chatbot
Microsoft’s Bing Chatbot Seems To Be An Emotional Fool

Redditors Claim Microsoft’s Bing Chatbox To Be Emotionally Responsive  The …

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Artificial Intelligence
Beware Of Artificial Intelligence: Can These Ai Models Replace Humans?

Less than two decades ago, the most advanced and modern …

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The Dark Side of Open Ai’s ChatGPT, A Threats Against Intelligence

Technology- a boon or a curse? There have been countless …

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