10 Highest Paying AI Jobs & Careers in 2024

Highest Paying AI Jobs

Artificial intelligence is the most promising career path today fueled by the Highest Paying AI Jobs. It is set by a heavy job growth of 32% in the last couple of years and a large talent gap, it signals strong demand for professionals with the right skill sets. Careers in 2024 include AI engineers, researchers, and specialists in natural language processing have average earnings of over $100,000. AI Jobs & Careers have shown the importance of the sector and related earning potential.

It is a field that gives growth flexibility to professionals working in freelancing, consulting, or even product development. Furthermore, AI skills are easily transferable across industries, making this specialty highly versatile and suitable as a career choice. Software for AI applications has also entered the market, proving beneficial for related fields, including Reddit and medical fields. Careers in 2024 have changed drastically from the job industry that was prevalent a couple of years ago.

Here are the 10 highest paying AI Jobs that’ll spark your interest.

1. Machine Learning Engineer

A machine learning engineer designs and deploys self-running software to automate predictive models. Basically, with the fast growth of the industry and more than 69,000 US job openings, this field has huge scope for careers amidst the ever-growing demand for AI expertise. The average annual salary for a Machine learning Engineer in the US is $109,143.

2. AI Data Scientist 

It is highly trained professionals proficient in extracting valuable insights from large datasets, and this helps the organization in its decision-making process. The outlook is very promising in this career field, with a 35% increase in jobs projected from 2022 to 2032. As of May 2023, the median annual wage is $108,020, and growing demand across industries for data-driven decision-making.

3. Computer Vision Engineers

Computer vision engineers are therefore tasked with designing solutions for real-world problems using computer vision and machine learning research. This means developing models and algorithms in a way that will eventually enable machines to read and understand visual data from images and videos. The average annual salary for a Computer vision engineer in the US is $140,731. With the requirements and skill set, It remains the  Highest Paying AI Job.

4. Big Data Engineer/Architect

The Big Data Engineer/Architect is crucial in designing, building, and maintaining infrastructure for processing and analyzing large-scale data, requiring technical proficiency, business acumen, and strong communication skills.

Salaries range from $120,000 to $180,000 annually on average, with senior roles up to $250,000 and manager positions potentially reaching $350,000 per year. The field shows strong growth prospects, with a 21% job growth rate and projected salary increases of 10-15% shortly, making it a competitive and financially rewarding career path.

5. NLP Engineer

A NLP engineer designs and constructs computer systems that can process, understand, and generate languages like English, French, and Spanish. They develop algorithms, models, and applications that enable machines to understand and engage with human language more naturally and instinctively. 

The average salary range of NLP professionals varies but pegs at $118,000 annually in the US, a clear indication of strong growth prospects in the realms of natural language processing and machine learning.

6. Robotics Engineer

The robotics engineer has to deal with the design, development, and maintenance of mechanical hardware and software for creating robots and automated systems that humans find difficult to do or hazardous. The field is also rapidly expanding—advances in automation and AI have called for projected job growth of 9% from 2020 to 2030, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, much faster than the average for all occupations. 

7. Business Intelligence Developer

A Business Intelligence Developer is a software engineer who combines data analytics with technical acumen in the preparation of Business Intelligence solutions. The solution encapsulates technical query tools, business analysis, and data visualization tools that help make an analyst’s work easier. 

BI Developers try to deliver ease of access to, and ease of understanding of the business data and related tools of analysis to other colleagues, thereby saving time. The average annual salary for a Business Intelligence Developer in the US is $123,087.

8. Business Development Manager

A Business Development Manager would be an AI-focused professional entrusted with the mandate to identify and pursue new business opportunities for reception into an organization, to increase its financial receipts. This requires many skills at a go; among them is the execution of effective communication and multi-project management. The average annual salary for A Business Development Manager in the US is $131,802.

9. AI Security Specialist

An AI Security Specialist is responsible for developing and implementing security measures for AI-based technologies and systems. This includes conducting risk assessments, designing and deploying security measures, monitoring data networks for potential threats, and creating strategies to respond to and mitigate security incidents. The average annual salary for An AI Security Specialist in the US is $131,802.

10. Blockchain Engineer with AI Specialization

A Blockchain Engineer with AI Specialization overlaps the role of the blockchain developer with that of the artificial intelligence engineer. This specialization enables designing blockchain solutions using AI and ML to automate operations and enhance efficiency. The average annual salary for A Blockchain Engineer with AI Specialization in the US is $129,741.


Only five years ago, AI was very often associated with fears of huge job losses and machines taking over from human resources. Today, ChatGPT and AI advancements create numerous business benefits and new opportunities for job seekers.

The Highest Paying AI Jobs revolve around computers, data analytics, and everything related to that. So it’s a nice option for the computer science majors and it increases work opportunities for everyone. AI is transforming our lifestyle and workplace, creating numerous high-paying careers such as AI engineers, big data analysts, data scientists, and business intelligence developers. There has never been a better time for one to pursue AI Jobs & Careers.  Even though there are controversies that oppose the usage of AI, one can hope for it to be beneficial as well.

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