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DeepBrain AI Unveils its AI Kiosks at CES 2022

A Multiple Lingo Skilled AI That Speaks Like Real Humans

AI Human embedded “AI Kiosks” was exhibited by DeepBrain AI at CES 2022 held in Las Vegas Convention Center. AI Kiosks attaches the strength of Artificial Intelligence with its human-based AI that advises, resolves, and guides users through many scenarios and real-time communications.

The AI humans that are embedded in AI Kiosks are based on real humans speaking different languages and belonging to different races. As this AI looks and interacts just like a real human, a lot of interest of officials is pouring from various industries like luxury brands, telecommunication companies, universities, and broadcasting stations.

AI Humans Solutions and the Unmanned Stores

DeepBrain AI will demonstrate how AI Humans can be beneficial to commerce in this year’s NRF. Unmanned stores are one of the many innovative changes that are being made. But these stores have some cons. Like customers might feel uncomfortable in these surroundings. So AI Humans will be the solution i.e. developed by DeepBrain. These AI Humans will guide the customers through shopping and payment processes making the experience more natural for them. AI Humans can be used in convenience stores, restaurants, and other shops. 

Eric Jang, CEO of DeepBrain AI believes that this development will continue to extend and the adoption of AI Technology will also keep increasing.

Exhibition by DeepBrain AI in CES 2020

DeepBrain AI also showcased its technology along with other hottest new products in CES 2022, the world’s greatest tech show, held in Las Vegas from Jan 5-7. The SaaS platform “AI Studios” of AI Humans solutions from DeepBrain AI won the CES Innovation Awards Honoree. This filled the company’s booth with attendees and journalists, who wanted to test the solutions that was exhibited.
After CES 2022, AI Humans solutions from DeepBrain AI will be showcased at NRF 2022 starting from 16th at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.

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