BLUEVIEW Launches the World’s First Biodegradable Shoe

Biodegradable Shoe

BLUEVIEW, a new sustainable footwear brand dedicated to reducing plastic waste on the globe is offering consumers the world’s first biodegradable shoe. BLUEVIEW’s first shoe ‘the BLUEVIEW Pacific’ revolutionizes the footwear business by replacing petroleum plastics with plant-based plastics. This sneaker features Soleic and PlantKnitTM, two breakthrough new plant-based materials that work together to create […]

Raj Subramaniam to Replace Frederick W Smith as the New CEO of FedEx

Raj Subramaniam

FedEx, the multinational e-commerce and transportation giant with a market share of 59.62B US dollars, will get its new CEO, an Indian American Raj Subramaniam. Frederick W Smith, Founder and CEO of FedEx announced on March 28, he will step down from this position on June 1. Who is Raj Subramaniam? Raj Subramaniam is an […]

Namya Mahajan, A Nonprofit Entrepreneur Eased Preschool Learning to 800K Students

India is a growing country with a population of over 140 cr., the middle-class family child got peers before the first day of school due to a lack of preschools for mass. To solve this complex problem a nonprofit entrepreneur and founder Namya Mahajan came up with an Edtech solution, Rocket Learning. Namya’s Rocket Learning […]

Is “Virtual RAM” a New Gimmick to Increase Smartphone Sales?

Virtual RAM

In recent years, the smartphone market has grown much faster where companies release new phones day after day with new marketing strategies and features. Some of the features are groundbreaking, some are making no sense and some literal gimmick means they work but not as the company shows. Truth to The Gimmick In recent times, […]