Free the Nipple: How Men Fought for Their Right to be Topless?

men and women

Imagine being on a beach. Relaxing under the sun with those cool shades on. Done? Now imagine being at a park jogging or exercising. Icky sweaty bodies everywhere (ew.) Okay. Last! A happening club. With loud EDM music and (again) sweaty bodies everywhere. Do you know what is common in all of these places? Shirtless […]

Will the Uptake Of Electric Vehicles Peak Between 2022 And 2025?

electric vehicles

More than $1 trillion is being invested by the automotive industry in a revolutionary switch from internal combustion engines to software-controlled electric vehicles. Automakers and government decision-makers have embraced the promise of electric cars to offer greener, safer transportation from Detroit to Shanghai. 2035 has been established as the cutoff date for the sale of […]

Will China Give The World A Throwback To COVID-19? China Records A Million Cases


While the rest of the globe has been reporting a few infections daily over the previous few months, China is experiencing a rapid rise in Covid cases and deaths. Several sources claim that the Chinese healthcare system is under stress due to an increase in infections and fatalities. New questions concerning the pandemic have been […]

Canada’s Climate Change New Regulations Encourage Adoption of Zero-Emission Vehicles

Zero-Emission Vehicles

Canadians have clearly stated that they want a healthy economy, clean air, and good jobs. Since 2015, the Canadian government has taken the lead in the battle against climate change and made more progress toward creating a sustainable economy than any other government in history. The 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan, which puts Canada on a […]

Autonomous Vehicles: Key to Change the Face of the Auto Industry

Autonomous Vehicles

With smart cities and technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) increasingly contributing to our way of life, the global autonomous (semi and fully) car market is expected to reach nearly $62 billion by 2026, up from $21 billion in 2020, at a CAGR of 22.75%. How have autonomous vehicles evolved up to […]

World’s Largest 170-Carat Pure Pink Diamond Found In South-Africa

Pink Diamond

The earth we live on still has so many secrets to unveil kept deep inside of it. Secrets about precious gems, lifestyle and building techniques of our ancestors, and so on. According to a report, miners from Angola in Central Africa have uncovered a rare, pure pink diamond that is thought to be the largest […]

Twitter Blue is No More Free, Have to Pay $8 per Month


After finally owning Twitter, it seems like he has taken on his mind to change almost everything about the micro-blogging platform. After changing and firing the entire employee base, Elon Musk has introduced another upgrade to the app, giving his employees an ultimatum. Twitter Blue is Elon’s upgraded way for people to have verified accounts. […]

7 Ways Halloween Has Changed Throughout The Years


Maybe it is for dressing as funky or crazy as you want or binge-watching those not-so-terrifying horror movies. We all love Halloween. As soon as the October air hits, pumpkins and little ghost figures can be everywhere. While you scroll through your reels, all you hear is “I always feel like somebody’s watching me.”  As […]

Don’t Have A Costume? 5 Halloween Costumes That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Halloween Costumes

Halloween and Costumes have always walked hand in hand. Many people would dress up as saints and sing or read poetry door to door. Additionally, kids would knock on doors and ask for “soul cakes,” a dessert resembling biscuits. The costumes also changed with time. Although they started as sincere tributes to saints, that custom […]


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