5 Smart Ways Technology Can Improve Your Productivity

Improve Your Productivity

Your workplace’s efficiency has to be improved regularly. You want to make sure that your staff members are getting the most done during their days. Both in terms of the actual work that needs to be done. In ways that will enable them to contribute creative new ideas. Several technologies for productivity act like a boon. The fact that you are practically surrounded by technology at all times, gives you a great chance to improve your productivity. 

You now have unparalleled access to various options thanks to technological improvements. Those that will enable you to increase productivity at work. Nevertheless, to achieve these goals, you must be aware of how to utilize the technology as efficiently as possible. 

Employees And Productivity 

Maintaining productivity in a workspace has a lot of aspects to it. It doesn’t just mean being good and fast at work, it means being the best version of yourself. But on the other hand, 57% of employees report high-stress levels. Overloading employees with work can be a reason for that. The average employee is productive for just around three hours a day. Making coffee or tea, conversing with coworkers, surfing social media, and reading news websites are just a few activities that take up more workplace time.

You can help employees at your facility be more productive by understanding the baseline of technologies for productivity. This will also help you gauge how your employees stack up against the data.

Instilling methods of improving productivity by using technology can help not just prevent overloading employees, but also de-stressing them. 

  1. Open And Clear Lines of Communication

Cloud and mobile technology are still essential as remote work becomes the new standard. They aid in making sure that scattered workforces have the necessary tools to maintain connectivity and productivity.

Using the cloud to access essential business applications, you can quickly connect with your staff, partners, and clients.

Slack, G Suite, and Microsoft Teams are a few examples of collaboration and communication tools that can help your remote teams work together. These tools help increase your productivity even when they are spread off. Similarly, interactive virtual meetings may be held and kept productive using video conferencing tools like Zoom and Google Meet.

Handy Tools- Filestage, Bit.ai, Slack, G Suite

  1. Using Chrome Extensions

Everyone aspires to complete more tasks faster. I’ve discovered that adding all of your tools to your Chrome browser makes it easiest for you to access them right away. These are merely supplemental programs and features that can improve user experience. They assist you in modifying and personalizing Google Chrome so that it functions for you in the method you like and helps you be more productive.

Handy Tools-  Grammarly for Chrome, Loom for Chrome, Hubspot 

  1. Webinars And Training

Regularly educate your staff members and develop their abilities. By periodically holding events, promote healthy competition. On your internal server, make the free certificates accessible online. Then, encourage your staff to take them. Try to close the gap between your human resources and cutting-edge technologies or trends. By educating and inspiring learners, we can keep them competitive in the job market.

  1. Track Time: How And Where It is Spent

By adopting technology for time tracking, you can better understand how time is spent during the workday and influence the daily tasks that your employees are required to complete. Procrastination can be decreased using time-tracking software. Depending on your program, it might keep tabs on team productivity, individual time spent on various tasks or certain websites throughout the day, or overall worker productivity.

You can avoid major time wasters throughout the day, especially unexpected technology-based ones, by taking a close look at how people are spending their time. Examine how these components may be improved to increase productivity at the office as a whole.

Handy Tools- Clockify, Workfolio

  1. Enable More Strategic And Planning Time

One method to guarantee that you and your staff improve your productivity is through effective time management. Several productivity apps interface with calendar and scheduling tools like Google Calendar. On every device, they are also immediately available. Just schedule your tasks and try your best to finish them by the deadlines. Reminders can help you stay on track and form healthy behaviors.

You may monitor the efficiency and success of your remote workers by using time-monitoring applications like Time Doctor. They can become more aware of their day’s activities and the amount of regularly scheduled productive time by doing this.

Handy Tools- Wrike, Qntrl

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