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Kavitha Siva
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“More Than Just Healthcare”

In recent years, medical advancement and progress have been more exponential than linear. With the development of new cutting-edge technology, medicine is transforming from both a technological and a human standpoint. Although the typical one-size-fits-all blockbuster pharmaceutical has saved millions of lives, several limitations still impede an efficient therapy for each person. Many socio-biological variables, including age, weight, medical history, daily lifestyle, and genetic makeup, affect an individual’s response to any drugs.

‘Personalized Medicine’ has been proposed, which uses pharmacogenomics to deliver the proper dosages based on a person’s genetic composition. “The right patient with the right drug at the right dose at the right time,” is how the FDA defines personalized medicine. It is the process of adjusting medical care to a patient’s unique requirements, preferences, and traits across all phases of care, including prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up.

Personalized healthcare on the other hand focuses on providing suitable healthcare choices for individuals, facilitating shared decision making, providing personalized care and support planning, social prescribing and community-based support, supported self-management and working with personal health budgets. More and more medical institutions need to focus on personalized healthcare and delivering the right care to their patients.

Trillium Med Village is one of these organizations that focuses on personalized care. Established in 2018, their mission is to contribute towards the health and well-being of society with a supreme experience as the most reliable partner for healthcare.

The healthcare company is passionate about caring for individuals, especially senior citizens. They strive to ensure a better quality of life for elderly clients and families in need of their dependable and affordable care services.

The Visionary

Kavitha Siva handles the position of The Director of Trillium Med Village. This multitasking and do-it-all visionary leader also serves as a professor at George Brown College. She has had the privilege to shape minds and inspire young minds to achieve their dreams and contribute to the future of education.

Kavitha holds a dual degree in Business Administration, Management, and Interpersonal Relations. Her education acts as a foundation for her own business and a holistic understanding of the healthcare industry. Throughout her career, she has contributed significantly to fields like training, treatments of diseases like Parkinson’s, and business functions at several companies.

Kavitha is also a member of the Program Advisory Committee (PAC) for the College Teacher Training program where she works for promoting and advancing the program, ensuring quality and relevance. She also has research experience on hand while working for finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease, which later drove her to Trillium Med Village. She has dedicated over 10 years of her career to this research and studying Frontal Temporal Dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

One of her current projects is working towards implementing AI-based solutions for healthcare systems in Canada. She believes that AI can revolutionize healthcare delivery and improve patient outcomes.

As the Director of TMV, she feels inspired and grateful to her Business partner and the Director of Human Resources at TMV, Prashanth Kumar Arumugam, without whom this venture would not have been possible. Prashanth has a decade of experience in Client acquisition and Recruitment. In addition, he also supervises the Finances Division at TMV.

Painting the Business Picture

Trillium Med Village started back in 2018, initially started as Trillium Connects and continued remotely till the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the pandemic, like many companies, TMV also faced a major customer preference shift. They experienced a surge in demand for healthcare professionals. There was also a demand for reliable and qualified healthcare staff.

The company ensures the quality of candidates for in-person care. Kavitha and her team have observed and experienced an increase in the preference for in-person healthcare over online. Additionally, different clients have different demands, which adds another layer of complexity to our operations.

“At TMV, one of the unique challenges we are currently facing is ensuring effective collaboration and engagement among our diverse team members from different nationalities, backgrounds, and levels of experience. This diversity brings valuable perspectives but also requires us to strike a balance and create an inclusive environment where everyone feels motivated and involved.”

The Services Platter

Under the umbrella of their high-quality and reliable services, they provide registered nurses, personal support workers, and caregivers for hospitals, long-term care, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The healthcare company swears to provide patients with seamless services through its Total Care Model. Kavitha considers it a goal to be committed and achieve delivering reliable service delivery that adheres to the mission.

Between The Customers and The Clients

Trillium Med Village offer tailored staffing solutions. Under Prashanth’s leadership, the focus is to prioritize the client’s needs, and this means taking the time to understand their staffing demands, skill requirements, and cultural fit so that we can provide the most suitable candidates.

Trillium values their clients and the feedback that comes from them. They actively listen to the preferences and suggestions, not just listen but also alter and refine themselves according to the needs raised.

Under Kavitha’s leadership, TMV is passionate and dedicated to its customers and clients as they have implemented strategies toward optimum customer satisfaction. Hear it from them!

Customized Service: We understand that each healthcare facility is unique, with its own set of requirements. To meet their specific needs, we offer tailored staffing solutions. This means taking the time to understand their staffing demands, skill requirements, and cultural fit so that we can provide the most suitable candidates.

Creating Your Own (Internal Staffing) Strategic Partner: We go beyond being a traditional agency service provider. Through the power of technology, we enhance our hiring processes, improve patient outcomes, and increase operational efficiencies. By integrating innovative solutions, we become strategic partners that add value to our clients’ operations, helping them achieve their goals more effectively.

Bi-Directional Partnerships: Collaboration is at the core of our approach. We actively seek input and support from our clients, fostering open communication channels and feedback mechanisms. We greatly appreciate the insights and suggestions provided by our clients, and we incorporate them into our strategies and service enhancements. This ensures that our partnership is a true collaboration, where we work together to achieve the best outcomes.

Behind The Scenes

Serving the customers, and satisfying the clients falls into place after checking off one very important thing. Employee Satisfaction. TMV has implemented several measures to foster motivation and productivity within the TMV workspace.

Kavitha prefers to prioritize the well-being and productivity of her employees, ensuring they are motivated and engaged. TMV cultivates an encouraging, supportive, and inclusive environment for all the team members to deliver their best.

TMV also ensures proactive communication and open dialogue to focus on solution driven approaches to face their unique challenges. The employees, clients, and stakeholders are actively heard, and their opinions do partake in conversations and alterations.

The Human Resources team spear-headed by Prashanth Kumar Arumugam has been continuously working hard to provide customized client and employee services with an emphasis on prioritizing their needs first.

Future Opportunities

Kavitha has spent decades in the healthcare industry and considers growth focused on digital transformation (telehealth, AI, and data analysis) as the biggest opportunity for it to grow. Focus on catering to the aging population, emphasizing preventive care and wellness, addressing mental health needs, and advancing personalized medicine are also the prime goals for Kavitha and the industry in general.

“TMV will continue to invest in healthcare workforce development, adapt to changing patient needs and the evolving healthcare landscape, and foster global collaborations. These strategic actions will enable our organization to capitalize on the industry’s growth potential and thrive in the future.”

Future Plans

Kavitha has several future initiatives on her vision board. One of the key initiatives is the launch of the Trillium Vocational Institute’s Personal Support Worker Program. This program aims to provide comprehensive training and education to individuals aspiring to become personal support workers. This program is approved by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities and recognized by the National Association of Career Colleges. By doing so, TMV can help enhance the quality of care provided to patients and clients in various settings.

Another one of their plans is the Trillium Connects Study Abroad Program for International Students. The program aims to provide incredible opportunities for students around the world to gain working experience in Canada. The mission is to foster a diverse and globally connected workforce.

Kavitha is a firm believer and constantly works for the world to be a better place. This is why TMV is launching “Hope for All”, a non-profit organization specifically for the healthcare and needs of the elderly. They aim to provide comprehensive support, care, and resources to the elderly population.

From The Leader of Today

It’s a privilege to be a part of the solution to eliminate healthcare crisis in Canada. We are glad to support the healthcare economy by being instrumental in creating staffing solutions in the healthcare industry.

Someone like Kavitha Siva has years of experience up her sleeve. Being her passionate and driven self, she has picked up major inspiration along the way.

Her number one advice and mantra to entrepreneurs seeking careers in the business is simple- “No pain, No gain”. The mantra has guided Kavitha through her career and has been one of her prime principles.

Another major aspect of successful entrepreneurship is curating and motivating people to work with.  Building a team that shares your values and goals is quintessential to success and Kavitha feels glad to have the opportunity to work with such remarkable and accomplished professionals in her team.

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