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Yilmaz Bozan
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In the modern age of the Internet, one needs the superpower of Digital Marketing to pave the way through to the customers and “netizens”. Digital Marketing Agencies possess the perfect recipe to present your brand or service to the audience.

RevolutionDM is a Digital Marketing Company that caters to its wide base of clients overseas and native. RevolutionDM approaches its clients by creating a productive and helpful environment. They make it a point to be with their clients as if they are all working together at their premises. They choose to act as colleagues rather than superiors and subordinates.

Their Digital Marketing Services are available for their clients at any hour, any development.

While having a chat with Yilmaz Bozan, many-a-things about Digital Marketing, companies, and employees were discussed. Born in 1984, He first entered the Digital Sector with a Microsoft SA diploma in hand in 1999.

Presently providing performance-oriented marketing solutions, he has previously worked as a verb in various departments and organizations like processing, software, design, marketing, etc. He made his first website in 2002 and founded RevolutionDM as a consultancy firm in 2005.

The founder says that while establishing RDM, he knew that the industry he was stepping in was never stopping. Digital Marketing is such a dynamic industry constantly changing in terms of trends, techniques, and traditions.

How is this Digital Marketing Service different from others?

The very inspiration behind the establishment of RevolutionDM was to be an organization that fills the gap and understands the needs of companies and the dynamics of the fast-paced evolving business in Turkey. RevolutionDM has an open and friendly mindset which keeps employees motivated. They maintain the attitude that supports their employees and clients through any problems because there is a solution to everything.

What Specific Services Do They Offer?

RevolutionDM has a vast category of the main services they provide to their customers. ● SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

● SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

● SMM (Social Media Marketing)

● Conversion Optimization

● Growth Hacking

● Neuro Marketing

● Mobile Marketing

● UX/UI Design / Optimization

● E-Commerce Consulting

With the plethora of services, RevolutionDM has to provide, they make sure to cater to their clients quality services. The company considers Istanbul and Dublin as its main work hubs and soon wants to establish its grounds in Amsterdam. The company is proudly a Google Partner and is Youtube Certified.

RevolutionDM creates tailor-made solutions for its clients.

One of the unique characteristics is their process of working with clients and customers with no common language. The customer could speak Hungarian, Polish or Spanish. The company is confident about its experiences and strategies to manage it all. This quality in particular makes the company’s ground strong. As they welcome any client, with no boundaries whatsoever.

How is the Employee Culture?

Yilmaz Bozan describes himself as a big brother in the company. That is the role he dutifully plays. Ever since the initial days, RevolutionDM decided to set up the organization’s structure without any hierarchy. They make sure the inter-company communication goes as seamless and frictionless as possible. There is no distinction between overseeing the digital communication processes of clients. The employees at RevolutionDM treat their client’s problems as their own and deliver quality solutions.

What Does RevoltionDM Plan on With The Growing Digital Marketing Culture? RevoutionDM considers its competition as an encouragement to grow ahead. They consider their unique working environment the reason for that.

The company is aware of the growth strategies and jobs. With RDM Academy, they provide training on many subjects such as Digital Marketing, Social Media, E-commerce, Entrepreneurship, SEO, SEM, SMM, Google Analytics, and Conversion Optimization to corporate, personal, or a certain number of audiences. RDM did. RDM has nearly 7000 graduates in various educational institutions, especially in Continuing Education Centers of universities, and their number in the sector is increasing day by day.

RevolutionDM And Facing Their Challenges

RevolutionDM views the recent Pandemic as one of the biggest challenges they faced, but not in the way to regret it. The world changed in unexpected ways during those 2 years. Stores were closed, and people learned and started using the internet to view, buy and browse things more than ever before.

During this period, many companies got familiar with Digital Marketing as a concept, and studies and new websites were carried out.

As the company had been working on the ground for a little over 4 years, their clientage was not affected- their clients stayed loyal to them throughout. They didn’t observe any decrease in budgets and plans.

The pandemic made the company and the public in general with the number of people opting for Digital techniques for everything.

Any Other Changes Observed Due to Pandemic?

Although not many brands have budgeted to increase brand awareness in digital media, the patterns were broken during the Pandemic period; the order of the game has changed, and digital media is increasingly gaining importance in branding, that is, in increasing brand awareness. From this point of view, Google as much as you can in line with your own budget. You can also advertise on Facebook, Instagram, and other channels. Therefore, in the branding process, digital media has a lower entrance harem than offline media and has many other advantages.

What Does the Future of Digital Marketing Look Like to RevolutionDM? In the last 5 years, RevolutionDM has acquired clients in countries like the USA, Europe, and the Middle East. The company uses a Word-of-Mouth strategy- existing clients can further lead to new potential clients through recommendations and discussions. One of the unique factors about the company is that they don’t own a personal website domain. They have a strong social media presence with accounts active and growing. As a company with a strong base of contacts, they make sure to provide all their clients with the best quality strategies

A Message For Entrepreneurs Seeking a Career in Business?

As an experienced and decorated businessman, Yilmaz Bozan has enough stories and wisdom to share with the world. With the number of conferences and events attended, he has a handful of funny, inspiring, and share-worthy incidents.

According to him, there are a bunch of quotes, idioms, and concepts on the internet, but the one source of motivation he follows and believes is his own motto of “Discipline=Success”. You have to be disciplined to do what you do best, if you are disciplined, success will always come.

Anyone who would like to capitalize on our knowledge and experience for their venture and company is always welcome at RevolutionDM.

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