ST Company, CompTIA, Nokia Advancing a Tech Safe World

ST Company

ST Company, an engineering aerospace, defense, and technology company is showcasing its enormous capabilities in the Singapore Airshow Exhibit Hall, with more than 2000 sq m dedicated to the three key sectors: aviation, defense, and a so-anointed smart city.

Ravinder Singh, Group COO for technology and innovation at ST Engineering expressed that they are committed to pushing forward and continuously innovating to solve real-world problems. ST Engineering is embarking on a pilot program to test the autonomous unidentified aircraft used for delivery of packages weighing up to 7kg to vessels in the busy Singapore Port. 

Nokia proclaimed that it has signed a contract with 450connect, a collaborative venture-backed by German companies from the energy and water sectors, to construct its nationwide LTE450 radio network. LTE450 technology is ideally served to achieve a vast area coverage and perform services such as voice and machine-machine communications. Dirk Lewandowski, the vice president of Nokia Enterprise said, “the task of digitalization of Germany’s critical infrastructure is of enormous strategic importance.” 

Assembling the Technology for a safer zone

The CompTIA Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (CompTIA ISAO) and the Information technology- Information Sharing and Analysis Center. (IT-ISAC) asked the companies to take immediate measures to review and if needed to upgrade their cybersecurity defenses and to equip for the conceivable consequences of a nation-state financed cyber-attack. 

Nevertheless, Cyber Terrorism is a growing threat, and governments are requested to take serious actions against it. The Israelis are living in fear after Iranian hackers stole their private details, including their sexual orientation and their HIV status using an LGBTQ-friendly, dating site, Atraf. Victims might encounter devastating and distorting consequences if the information is leaked.

Technology is too hard to keep under control resulting in absolutely dangerous outcomes. 

Demand for 5G Network

Rovshan Rustamov, the Deputy Manager of Digital Development and Transport proclaimed that the demand for an embedded SIM (eSIM) technology is rising in Azerbaijan. The deputy minister noted that the concept paper including the list ensuring the implementation, standards and frequency distribution has already been prepared for the enforcement of the 5G network in Azerbaijan. 

Rustamov said, “today we see that these technologies are in demand in the country’s market, and work is underway in this direction.”

However, the eSIM technology is an alternative to physical SIM Cards, which are embedded in the phones at the very production stage. The stored data can also be overwritten.

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