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In the rapidly evolving realm of the Internet of Things, where digital and physical worlds seamlessly converge, marketing strategies play a pivotal role in shaping the success of businesses. To help us shed some light on the essential part that marketing plays in the growth of technology companies, we talked to Tiffani Neilson, Chief Marketing Officer of IoT Marketing.

In this exclusive interview, Tiffani offers valuable insights on how to effectively utilize marketing to help your brand stand out and thrive in the highly competitive emerging tech landscape.

  1. Can you provide a brief overview of your role as the Chief Marketing Officer at IoT Marketing and your journey in the marketing industry, especially within the tech sector?

As IoT Marketing CMO, I oversee all marketing initiatives for both the company itself and our clients. From strategy development to final reporting, I manage every aspect of marketing campaigns from start to finish.

I’m also the Creator and Host of IoT Marketing’s Industry Insights Webinars, a virtual event series that connects business professionals with the knowledge and network needed to make the right tech-related decisions for their organizations. Industry Insights Webinars is respected globally as a trusted source of news and information. We’re fortunate to have a returning audience for our live events with 1400-2500 decision makers, industry professionals, and technology ecosystem partners in over 120 countries.

Prior to joining IoT Marketing, I served as VP of Marketing at GeoTraq, a technology provider that created mobile IoT modules for asset tracking and remote monitoring. In this role, I led the brand’s messaging and positioning, as well as directed marketing strategy and implementation. I also oversaw product development, assisted with designing the company’s backend platform, and initiated partnerships with industry leaders, service providers, component suppliers, and IoT platforms for integration. Additionally, I helped GeoTraq gain recognition as one of the Top 10 Remote Monitoring Solutions for 2019 by CIO Applications Magazine, one of the 30 Most Innovative Companies for 2019 by CIO Bulletin Magazine, and one of the Top 30 Most Admired Companies to Watch in 2019 by The CEO Views Magazine.

  1. Given the rapid evolution of technology, particularly in IoT, how do you perceive the current dynamics of the tech marketing industry, and what challenges and opportunities does it present for IoT Marketing?

With the growth of IoT, devices are becoming more interconnected. This connectivity opens up new possibilities for marketers to collect and analyze data, personalize user experiences, create targeted campaigns based on user behaviors, and connect more authentically with their audiences.

As advanced technologies are integrated into more industries and verticals, there is an increasing need to communicate technical concepts to a broader audience, and that’s what we can help our clients do. With deep technical knowledge paired with marketing expertise, we can effectively present complex technologies in an accessible way.

Additionally, tech companies must now be consistently interactive and engaging as it’s no longer enough to rely on occasional trade shows or conferences to promote your brand. Marketing now has to incorporate content, social media, and PR to succeed in today’s landscape. From virtual event speaking opportunities to media relations to social management, at IoT Marketing, we offer comprehensive services that can help clients win market share and share of voice.

  1. What key strategic approaches does IoT Marketing employ to assist tech companies in navigating the complexities of IoT and advanced technologies?

Since we work with companies in the emerging tech sector, they tend to already be extremely well-versed when it comes to understanding IoT and advanced technologies. However, when it comes to identifying where they stand in the IoT and tech ecosystem, many tech companies are in need of a market analysis to better identify their target market, potential clients, and channel partners. With our expertise and vast network, we can not only help them position their brand but also connect them with those looking for connected solutions and other organizations that could serve as ideal partners.

Staying current with the latest emerging trends and technology advancements keeps us ahead of the digital curve. In addition, our deep expertise in the advanced technologies field and wide network of experts and solutions providers allows us to approach marketing tech companies in a way that is simple and straightforward.

  1. How does IoT Marketing stay abreast of technological advancements, and how are these innovations incorporated into the marketing strategies offered to clients?

The events we produce for Industry Insights Webinars demand intense research, which not only help us stay updated on the latest advancements, but also their impact across industries. Our speakers are experts in the field of advanced technologies, like AI, IoT, and cybersecurity, bringing a level of knowledge that can only be gained through experience.

As for how we incorporate these innovations into marketing strategies, our team examines the unique product offering of clients and will create messaging and positioning that pairs well with their new technology advancements. Through our strategic consulting services, we can even make suggestions for how their solutions could integrate with new and emerging technologies.

  1. What measures do you incorporate to ensure motivation and productivity within the workspace?

To help productivity, we make sure that communication channels between our team are clear and open. We utilize Microsoft Teams to chat with each other individually as well as with the entire team. Additionally, we hold regular team calls and check-ins to go through progress, challenges, and goals. We are a remote team, so encouraging open communication is essential for us.

Goal setting also helps to ensure our productivity. We set clear goals and break them down into smaller, more manageable tasks.

In terms of motivation, our team is excited about the virtual events we create. Because there is a true desire to learn about technology and its impact across industries, our team remains driven to promote our events, grow our audience, and support our clients.

  1. What are the services/solutions we should anticipate from IoT Marketing in the near future?

IoT Marketing will continue to offer end-to-end marketing, PR, and production services. We are also offering new packages that include the strategic consulting I mentioned previously.

Each year, we hold annual events, offering speaking, sponsorship, and advertising opportunities. Every January, we have our Emerging Trends webinar where we showcase the hottest tech trends for the year ahead. In April, we will host the Green Things Summit where we will explore connected solutions that support sustainability and the environment. In October, we hold our biggest event, the Summit of Things, which highlights all the aspects of IoT. In December, we will host the inaugural Industry Insights IoT Awards to honor businesses, individuals, and products centered around the Internet of Things.

This year, we are thrilled to also hold our first-ever Intelligent Thinking AI Day event on July 18th! In this virtual event, we will explore the many dimensions of AI and how to leverage machine learning and automation to your advantage.

Intelligent Thinking AI Day will also take place on our live virtual event platform, which will give attendees the opportunity to network with each other as industry experts and solution providers share their thoughts on the state of AI and the power of its potential.

  1. Looking ahead, what is your vision for IoT Marketing, and how do you see the company evolving to meet the changing needs of tech companies in the future?

In our connected future, one thing remains constant, and that is change. As the world continues to change and new technologies shift the way we live, work, and travel, IoT Marketing will be ready to adapt and pivot when necessary.

By offering our events to a virtual audience, we will continue to provide a platform for industry leaders, experts and solution providers to share valuable messages. As our audience continues to grow, there is no doubt we will enhance our ability to match our clients with those in need of their connected solutions and the right partners to grow their business.  

We also believe that the future of IoT Marketing could lead to more content creation and media production. Adding more shows and virtual events is certainly something we could look into more in the future. This would give clients more ways to be part of our content so they can enhance their thought leadership.

  1. Tips for aspirants seeking a career in the marketing industry.

For aspiring marketers, my advice is to always be learning. Continue to acquire new skills and new approaches to traditional practices. I have always felt that it is extremely important to keep learning new things as a top priority. This lesson stems back to my grandmother’s words of wisdom as a young child. She would encourage me to not only do my homework but also to challenge myself to learn as much as possible by reading books and asking questions.

In fact, asking questions at trade show seminars is how I met many of the industry leaders that continue to appear in our content and gain my deep understanding of technology and the industry itself.

Also, with the rise of ChatGPT and the demand for sustainability, the skills that are in demand and necessary for a job resume are rapidly changing. There is a huge need for green skills, and companies are also seeking professionals with knowledge of ChatGPT and AI as well. Keep these skills in mind moving forward, and learn how you can leverage these needs to position yourself to have long-term value and relevance. Upskilling will also be critical as technology continues to evolve.

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