Tips for Women in Technology Who Want to Get Promoted at Work

Women in Technology

With a rapidly increasing growth of 5.3%, the tech industry takes up around 35% of the global market. Worldwide, the number of emerging tech companies is still increasing. Just in the United States, the number is over 500 thousand. The U.S Tech industry employs roughly 12.2 million people as of 2022. Women represent 25% of these employees. Women in technology show the same, if not more, effort and brainstorming as any employee in the industry. They just like all the other employees have one aim, to be promoted at work, and learn through the process.

The Case of The Tech Industry

The tech industry is one where the gender gap is gradually closing. However, career progression barriers and that unconscious bias towards men still exist against women like in any other field. 

According to studies, firms having at least 10% women on their corporate boards enjoy 2.5–5% greater returns on equity. According to this, businesses with 30 percent female executives tend to be 15% more profitable than similar businesses.

According to a 2013 study by Oxford Academic and Harward Business Review, after 12 years, 50% of women in technology decided to change their field. Whereas, taken the same duration, just 20% of professional women in other sectors had changed their careers. So the question is why? Why are women changing their field of work even after giving a huge amount of time to it?

Despite how concerning these numbers may sound, there is no organized discrimination against women in the tech industry. Instead, possibly, women are developing the critical skills necessary for success, which may contribute to their complete exit from the industry.

How does one overcome these and shine bright like a diamond? To develop those wanted traits, as any employee, and get promoted at work, it takes dedication and hard work. Following these tips for women employees might help. 

  1. Make Your Presence As An Employee

Physical presence, polished communication abilities, and emotional intelligence are all characteristics of executive presence that women are capable of developing.

By making your managers feel at ease when speaking with you, you may focus on developing your executive presence and get honest feedback, Especially when you seek advice on how to advance your management prospects.

If you haven’t honed your communication skills to the point where you can openly discuss management with them, you aren’t ready to advance in your career. Communication skills make up a significant portion of executive presence.

One of the foremost tips for women employees- new or settled, making your presence count. Having a presence and place of your own makes an employee look prominent and trustworthy for bigger projects. 

  1. Finding The Right Mentor

When someone switches to a different company, a mentor or former coworker may offer up new employment opportunities. They can alert you regarding employment openings, give referrals, and even forward your résumé to hiring managers.

Thus, don’t be hesitant to ask for advice from someone more knowledgeable and experienced in a topic that interests you. Contrary to popular belief, knowledgeable people are much more willing to impart their knowledge. 

As women in technology field are steadily growing, it is important to choose the right mentor. As they take you under their wing, you will have that bond with them throughout your tenure in the company. Be it taking up a project or getting promoted at work, they will be behind you through it all. 

  1. Take Your Ownership Of Your Projects- Success or Failure

Take ownership of your team’s success as another action you may take to increase your chances of advancement. “We were very successful”, or “the team performed a terrific job”, is a common phrase. Try discussing the team’s accomplishments using “I” rather than “we” at times.

Being the team captain made you accountable for the group’s accomplishments. You shouldn’t minimize your contribution because doing so would allow other people to jump ahead of you in the line for promotions.

When it comes to failure, people tend to play the blame game. Taking accountability is the way to go. If one can own up to their achievements to get promoted at work, they can do so with their failures as well. This applies to every employee no matter the hierarchy. 

  1. Build A Network 

You need a solid network of a wide variety of specialists if you wish to advance in your tech career. Concentrate on developing a network so that you may share ideas and become known among your peers as an authority in your industry. Making connections with experts in your sector could help you stand out for your accomplishments and skills.

How do you network in the tech industry and promote yourself? Everyone can attend networking events. Just look up the events on Google, sign up, and go. On Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you could also create networks.

There are multiple groups made by and for women in technology. It’s like a community for them to grow together. The more employees are connected, the more developments in the field can be observed. Everyone can contribute making it a sort of collective consciousness. And of course, the more you know, the more chances to get promoted at work come your way. 

  1. Continuously Educated Yourself

You can build a career in technology, but it’s a competitive field. If you’re a woman and have to deal with bias and gender inequity, it gets even harder. You must be proactive and look for opportunities when they arise if you want to advance.

Educating yourself and keeping yourself up to speed with the latest updates and the hows and whys of your field is essential. A person who knows what they are doing is more likely to get promoted at work. 

Women in technology can take the aid of books related to the field to elevate themselves in the field. 

Becoming successful in the tech industry is not simple, but it is also not impossible.

Only those who are prepared to go above and beyond will rise. Build your route to success by taking inspiration from female IT giants. Gain respect through being trustworthy, being aware of your authority, and speaking out in the workplace.

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