Vivera: Turning Healthcare Challenges Into Opportunities

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The healthcare industry is transforming as companies emerge to redefine the sector for the greater good. Visionaries are reimagining drug development, access, affordability, and sustainability to improve health outcomes worldwide.

Drug discovery and development are central areas where companies are making a significant impact. Traditional processes are notorious for their long timelines, high costs, and failure rates.

Innovative companies leverage cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to accelerate drug discovery. These technologies enable the analysis of massive datasets, predicting potential drug candidates, and optimizing molecular structures. The goal is to expedite the development process and increase the likelihood of identifying effective treatments for various diseases.

Progressive companies also prioritize sustainability. Traditional pharmaceutical manufacturing processes can be resource-intensive and environmentally taxing. Green enterprises attempt to minimize waste, reduce energy consumption, and explore eco-friendly alternatives in their production processes, contributing to a more environmentally responsible industry.

The Need of The Hour

Patient-centricity is at the core of these forward-thinking healthcare company’s efforts. They involve patients in clinical trial design, seek their input on treatment outcomes, and ensure that therapies align with patients’ real-world needs. This patient-centric approach enhances treatment effectiveness and fosters a sense of trust and transparency between the industry and the people it serves.

As healthcare evolves, leaders like Paul Edalat strive to make the industry as accessible and feasible as possible. Being at the forefront as the Chairman, Founder, and CEO of Vivera, his primary responsibility is to drive innovation.

As the driving force behind Vivera’s domestic and worldwide business activities, Edalat works closely with his sales and marketing teams to identify and meet market demands. He efficiently uses his vast network to broaden Vivera’s reach while managing the Company’s innovative R&D projects.

Under his supervision, Vivera has achieved various awards and accolades, like the Top Drug Delivery Solutions Provider in 2023 (MedTech Outlook), Most Innovative Companies of the Year (Digital First Magazine), and Top 10 Great Companies to Work For in 2023 (Global Business Leaders). 

A Different Background

Today, Edalat leads a successful and progressing career in healthcare. However, it wasn’t his initial plan. Edalat initially intended to play professional tennis. He was a dedicated and passionate player, but things took a turn when he played against a prodigy player.

The defeat he faced there forced him to reevaluate his dedication to tennis. He later shifted his focus to bodybuilding, inspired by the “Lion of Lebanon” Samir Bannout. He ultimately ended up having a handful of achievements as a powerlifter and bodybuilder.

Both his passions follow a pattern. A sportsperson and bodybuilder’s routine requires significant discipline and nourishment. Edalat won a sponsorship from Weider Global Nutrition, which further fuelled his interest in the fitness industry.

First Steps, New Transitions

In the mid-1990s, Edalat transitioned from bodybuilding to business building, forging into the growing health and wellness industry.

Fast forward to 1996, when he created his first brand. The rest is history. 

Edalat stands confident today with a successful career, having developed over 300 nutritional products across various brands. 

“The discipline, determination, and resilience I cultivated as an athlete have been invaluable in my business journey. Sports taught me a never-quit mentality, pushing me to give my best in every endeavor. I’ve learned to view challenges not as setbacks but as opportunities for growth.”

He experienced a sudden change in his priorities in 2004 when his brother, Peter, was diagnosed with Hodkin’s lymphoma. He witnessed and supported his brother’s battle with cancer while observing the sheer number of limitations and complexities in the healthcare system. 

He realized the healthcare system needed to prioritize patients better, especially when prescribing and dispensing potentially habit-forming medications.

After numerous discussions with his good friend, now Vivera’s Chief Scientific Advisor, Mehdi Hatamian, Ph.D., he dedicated his efforts to developing novel pain management therapies and science-based solutions that prioritize patients over profits.

The Vivera Story

Vivera was established in 2018. Initially, it set out to create unique medication delivery solutions through its pharmaceutical and medical device divisions. It’s grown into several divisions designed to improve patient care while meeting various medical demands.

Vivera Technologies and Vivera Medical Devices are dedicated to creating cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize patient care. ZICOH, one of the Company’s patented flagship products, dispenses precise medication doses and integrates seamlessly with ZICOH Connect™. This cloud-based software system uses artificial intelligence to produce actionable medication adherence, oversight, and compliance insights.

Vivera BioSciences focuses on developing medications for various conditions using its patented and patent-pending TABMELT technology for sublingual drug delivery.

Vivera Neurosciences is dedicated to investigating and developing therapies for disorders of the central nervous system, including psychiatric, neurological, and fluency disorders, to enhance the lives of patients and offer better options for healthcare professionals.

Vivera Advanced Diagnostics uses its Lab Information Management System (LIMS), LabPort, to deliver quick and reliable diagnostic and wellness test results to patients.

“At Vivera, we are committed to addressing these challenges by continuously innovating and collaborating with various stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. By strongly focusing on patient needs and working closely with other leaders in the healthcare space, we aim to deliver transformative solutions that empower patients to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives,” said Edalat.

Leadership in Style

Every leader has a unique approach to their team, stakeholders, or consumers. As a business leader, continuous growth and development are essential. Business is ever-evolving, and so should the team that works for it. Edalat weighs professional relationships, communication, and networking as crucial.

Building and maintaining strong professional relationships is also vital for personal and professional growth. Networking allows him to learn from other leaders, gain insights into different perspectives, and create valuable connections that can lead to new opportunities.

Bouncing back from setbacks and maintaining a positive attitude is essential for long-term success.

Biggest Opportunities in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is at the cusp of significant transformation, and several areas present immense opportunities for growth in the coming years.

1) Increase Patient Adherence

Patient adherence is one challenge. Ensuring patients follow their prescribed treatment regimens is critical for achieving optimal health outcomes. ZICOH, one of Vivera’s core products, addresses this need.

The success of Vivera is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication, and we will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in healthcare to make a meaningful difference in the lives of patients around the world.

2) Enhance Access to Healthcare

While accessible healthcare is the industry’s biggest challenge, it also is the most significant opportunity. Addressing this issue presents a tremendous opportunity. We can bridge this gap by developing affordable and innovative healthcare solutions and advocating for policies that ensure universal access to essential medical services.

Vivera is changing everything from how prescribing data is collected and analyzed to how medications can be delivered. While the healthcare industry is adaptive, there are many barriers to entry and, of course, like any industry, resistance to change.

3) Prioritize Mental Health

Mental health, often overshadowed by physical fitness, is integral to overall well-being. The opportunity lies in amplifying mental health awareness, education, and support. We can combat the prevailing stigmas and misconceptions by fostering open conversations about mental health.

Investing in research to understand and treat various mental health conditions will pave the way for more effective therapies.

Edalat’s Vision for Vivera

Vivera’s primary focus is its ZICOH and TABMELT platforms.

ZICOH is the Company’s core product in development. It’s a patented, electronic, dose-controlled, smart drug delivery device. 

ZICOH integrates seamlessly with ZICOH Connect™, a synchronized, cloud-based software system with strong data organization and AI capabilities. They collect and aggregate real-time prescribing data and generate actionable insights to facilitate prescription medication adherence, oversight, and compliance.

Words of Advice

“Having a mentor is crucial for aspiring entrepreneurs. Finding someone who has already achieved your goal and can teach you the ins and outs of the industry is invaluable.”

About The Leader

Paul Edalat handles the forefront as the Chairman, Founder, and CEO of Vivera. Over the years, he has navigated the healthcare industry with the passion to improve and enhance it. Under Edalat, Vivera has launched platforms, software, and projects to enhance the healthcare industry.

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