Health and Happiness Against Mental Health Disorders

Mental Health Disorders

The most potent topic among the present generation nowadays is to spread awareness about mental health disorders to a multitude of people. It is now one of the rising discussions where the mental health of an individual is questioned. Today the therapists are spreading awareness to the mass that health is not solemnly based on physical fitness but also dependent on mental health. With the progress in technology, media, and medicine, mental health and its importance are invariably important to discuss.

The Disorders

Mental health disorders are getting known to people through the advancement in the field of medicine. However, with the advancement in everything, the stress and burden to outlast in the fast-paced world is an add-on to the causes of mental health disorders. The lockdown and pandemic scenario is further responsible for the cause of mental health disorders leading to various serious unhealthy and devastating consequences. Nevertheless the increase in awareness programs and activities like “The Mending League”, “WEVOLVE” and many other teams. Mental Health is nevertheless an integral part of the world of fitness and health concerning issues.  Even the doctors state that the mental health of an individual deserves the same attention the other disorders do.

Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Postpartum, and other disorders like Bipolar Disorder and Multiple personality disorder require the same attention other disorders concerning someone’s physical stability do.

The implication of Covid19 on young adults

The sudden lockdown and quarantine have affected the young adults of the present generation. Resources confirm that four out of ten adults in the U.S  have faced anxiety and depression due to the pandemic which struck countries all over the globe. Reports say that 56.2% of the population belonging to the 18-24 age group have faced depression and anxiety disorder which have later twirled into serious consequences leading to the demise of a young soul.  KFF Health Tracking Poll has shown that masses belonging to the older age group have also faced similar issues after the enforcement of lockdown because of Covid19. 

Ways to end the Stigma against Mental Health Disorders

The simple ways to end the mental health stigma are quite an integral part to spread awareness about the same. The need to educate ourselves about mental health and educate others as well. Listening, supporting, and sharing with others create a relaxed and peaceful environment. Nevertheless, a good happy relaxed head leads to the road to happiness. Our happiness depends on the thoughts in our marbles.

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