Lionel Messi Boosts Popularity After Signing For Inter Miami

GOAT Magic! Lionel Messi Boosts Popularity After Signing For Inter Miami

Lionel Messi is popularly called The Goat by his fans. Globally, the football player is known to all. With every step he takes and tournament he plays, his popularity keeps on increasing and proving its strength in many ways. Likewise, Messi is about to play at Inter Miami, and its social media saw the biggest boost.

The social media following of Inter Miami nearly doubled once Lionel Messi joined the MLS, and their retail sales also increased significantly; the cheapest ticket allegedly went for $544, up from $29.

Undoubtedly, the buzz of the town in 2023 will be Lionel Messi’s move to Inter Miami. The world cup champion from Argentina came to Miami amid considerable excitement and was introduced on Monday in a lavish ceremony. Messi’s acquisition by Miami was a tremendous coup for the team and has already had a big influence on its development.

According to a tweet from a Messi fan page, Messi’s transfer from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) increased Inter Miami’s fan base from 1 million to 4.5 million. Up until that point, LA Galaxy had around 1.4 million followers, making them the most popular MLS team. Currently, the account has reached 10.3M followers.

Ticket Sales

The team’s ticket sales have also increased, and they are currently on their path to becoming one of the most well-liked groups in MLS.

Data from the web marketplace TickPick showed that since the news of Messi’s transfer to the MLS, Inter Miami tickets had become more and more expensive. For instance, the cheapest ticket cost was $29 before the Messi news. The cheapest ticket, though, reportedly cost $544 as soon as it became known that Messi was traveling to America.

Despite terrible weather that caused the presentation to be delayed, Messi’s introduction took place in front of a full audience on Monday. However, no one appeared to notice the relentless rain that fell all evening.


Many believed Messi would travel to Al-Hilal in Saudi Arabia to follow longtime rival Cristiano Ronaldo, but instead, he picked Miami. Messi had the choice of going back to Barcelona, the legendary team where he spent most of his career, but he indicated when he made his decision that he wanted to travel to the United States to “live football in another way.”

Messi has scored 102 goals against 38 different national teams over his more than 17 years of international play for Argentina. Messi, one of the best scorers in the history of the game, scored twice against France in the World Cup final last year, which Argentina won on penalties to add another achievement to Messi’s résumé.

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