Major Gas Producing Economies to Meet for Investment Summits

Gas Producing

The officials from Latin America and Africa from natural gas economies will visit Marriott Marquis, Washington DC on 16th-18th March. The meeting will be led to the leading private and institutional sector investors at the Latin America energy Forum and Powering Africa Summit. Gas is a critical fuel for the energy transition. 

The economics of energy systems will shift as demand and supply for natural gas and LNG across regions change dramatically, but it is obvious that the market requires stability and a connected road forward that outlines investment opportunities.

Issues raised by investors

Stakeholders at the highest levels of government are debating the following investment and development areas:

What will the natural gas market look like in the not-too-distant future?

In terms of global supply, what role will LNG play?

Is it possible for gas projects and markets to be expedited?

How will the private sector contribute to the tremendous expansion of the gas sector?

What influence will an energized gas market have on investors?

Where should I look for investment opportunities in which nations and markets?

When is the most appropriate moment for me to respond?

The interactive boardroom debates will create an environment where stakeholders and investors may argue with invited senior-level executives on the most crucial topics of the present since the summit will be limited to proven investors only.

Authorities of higher level are coming from various countries such as Brazil, Bolivia, Ghana, Egypt, Kenya, Ecuador, Colombia, Nigeria Senegal, Costa Rica, Somalia, Trinidad & Tobago, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Equatorial Guinea, Lesotho Uruguay, and Belize will come together to discuss investment and tenders opportunities in Washington DC this march.

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