Metaverse To  Be A Gateway To Cybercrimes, Says Interpol


After its rocking presence in the gaming world, Metaverse got its huge break as “Meta” by Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg introduced a whole new world of possibilities through Meta. Web 3.0 has arrived, yet it is only in its infancy. We may anticipate a lot of new virtual worlds shortly as businesses start to embrace a fusion of our physical and digital reality.

Life in the metaverse has its dangers, even while exploring uncharted digital realms with snazzy equipment and sensors sounds like fun.

The metaverse has emerged over the past few years as significant businesses work to create a virtual future that includes augmented reality and virtual reality.

In the context of the virtual world, it alludes to the next-generation platforms that include our everyday lives and goes beyond e-commerce to have work, education, entertainment, socializing, and much more.

With Great Data Comes Great Threats

The amount of data being created and leaked will skyrocket as more and more users participate in activities in this metaverse. We are already dealing with zettabytes of data when you add the data from IoT smart devices, autonomous vehicles, always-on mobile phones, and virtual reality equipment.

Megaverse of Dangers In Metaverse

The international police organization Interpol stated that it was ready for the possibility that online immersive settings, or the “metaverse,” might both invent new types of cybercrime and enable existing crime to be committed on a greater scale.

According to Madan Oberoi, Interpol’s executive director for technology and innovation, member nations have expressed worry about how to prepare for potential metaverse crime.

When augmented reality and virtual reality are included, fraud and phishing techniques may alter. He stated that concerns over child safety were also there.

In the actual world, virtual reality might make it easier to commit crimes.


What once was just a way to bring gaming to life, now can be a portal for cybercrimes. Transformation of metaverse- from gaming to commercialization. Everything about the journey.

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