Mindworks Consulting: A Behavioural Transformation Consultancy


Behavioral Transformation Consultancy launched by Analogfolk Group

Mindworks Consulting is a global behavioral transformation consultancy that delivers better business outcomes by applying behavioral economics to marketing strategy and organizational design.

As the world is changing the companies need to read and react at the pace of changing market conditions, competitor landscapes, and customer needs. To make the business successful in this challenging environment, two critical tools like new technologies and progressive approaches to leveraging data are required. Mindworks help the clients to use these critical tools.

Mindworks are experts in behavioral economics, technology, and data and help clients to conquer their ambitions. It is done by embedding behavioral science methodologies at the heart of the client’s business.

“Over the past few years, the methodologies of the Mindworks founding team have been proved across many AFG’s clients such as Dyson, Bayer, and HSBC,” said Bill Brock, co-founder, and chief client officer at AnalogFolk Group

According to Brad Herholdt, CEO of Mindworks Consulting:

While speaking to the clients he understood that companies struggle every day to catch up with the pace of changing business industries. So Mindworks focuses on creating actionable roadmaps that are launched quickly so that their visions are built on customers’ behaviors and organizational dynamics.

MindWorks is led by Brad Herholdt, Michelle Watson, and Mark Barry, all of whom previously worked as business leaders at AnalogFolk. The team will be guided by Bill Brock, AFG’s Founder in his role as Chief Client Officer. He will make sure that MindWorks’ global clients profit from the award-winning services across AFG’s portfolio of brands.

As AFG also has a network presence in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia, Mindworks provides a service to global clients who want to deliver new value across the world.

About AnalogFolk Group

AnalogFolk Group is a progressive marketing and technology group that creates a better future for people, society, and brands. It has been helping brands to define innovative strategies, deliver breakthrough ideas, and leverage new technologies since 2008. The group has Global clients like  Nike, Netflix, Amazon, Beats, Bayer, and HSBC.


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