Top 100 Best Cities for Retired Singles in 2022

Cities For Retired Singles

American retired singles have the liberty and flexibility to resettle in parts of the U.S. better suitable for their lifestyles and appeals. Retirement doesn’t imply leaving life behind – seniors nowadays are keen to take benefit of their golden years and live life to the fullest without the responsibility of a full-time job. For retired singles, relocating can unlock a new chapter loaded with joy, satisfaction, and monetary well-being.

U.S. Census data indicates that the development of residents of the U.S.  aged 65 and older exceeds that of the total population; many retired Americans are tech-savvy and willing to take full benefit of technology to stay in touch with family and friends in ways that prior generations could not. Whether you are seeking to devour your retirement basking in the sun, relishing a slower pace of life, or appreciating the company of other retired singles, the list of Top 100: Best Cities for Retired Singles is for you.

Dwellics List of Top 100: Best Cities for Retired Singles

Dwellics, the administration in U.S. city data and personalized guidance on where to move, has revealed its 2022 list of the Top 100: Best Cities for Retired Singles.

Dwellics examined over 50,000 U.S. cities to gather a list of the Top 100: Best Cities for Retired Singles. Among the rating, factors are budgets like the cost of living index and property price, climate, safety, risks of natural disasters, air quality, cancer risks, and life expectancy.

Florida has long been a premium U.S. retirement destination, grabbing the highest honors for the state with the most entrances on the list; the best city for retired singles in the U.S. is Cypress Lake, Florida.

The top 5 cities on the dwellics list are:

  1. Cypress Lake, Florida 
  2. Indian River Estates, Florida 
  3. Cocoa Beach, Florida
  4. Juno Beach, Florida 
  5. Inverness, Florida

The majority of Florida in the report shows the state’s rank as a tax-friendly, warm-weather shelter for retired singles keen to risk living in a place inclined to recurring hurricanes. Surprisingly, Arizona, which is likewise considered as being tax-friendly for single retired Americans, with a friendly, hurricane-free climate, only puts two districts on the list (Bisbee, #36 and Catalina Foothills, #74). Many beaches and miles of the coastline of Florida encourage an active lifestyle.

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