10 Proven Tips For Healthy Weight Loss By Celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar

Tips For Healthy Weight Loss

Weight loss. Probably the most wished and aimed resolution every person has kept at least once. (Spoiler alert) Most are not successful in these resolutions. There are diet books out there enough to fill up entire libraries claiming tips and ideas here and there about weight loss. But the truth is many of those weight loss tips are just saying “don’t eat anything” in different ways. Which is so not the way to lose weight. Leading a healthy life should be the aim of starting any kind of fitness routine.  So are the thoughts of Celebrity Dietician and Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar. 

The Differences

What most people don’t understand is that everyone’s body type is different. While one weight loss tip works magic for one person, it may not be suitable for the other. Following fitness routines that are specifically designed for you keeping in mind your stamina, strength, and possible reactions is the way to go.

It will likely take some time, effort, and some trial and error with different meals and diets to find a weight loss technique that works for you.

While some people respond well to strict weight loss methods like calorie tracking, others would rather have more flexibility in their fitness routines. They will be more successful if they restrict processed carbs and stay away from fried meals.

If a diet doesn’t work for you despite working for someone else, don’t give up. Don’t be too harsh on yourself if you find a diet to be extremely restricted. And last, a diet can only be helpful if it is maintained over time.

  1. Portion Control

Portion Control is having your meals in a controlled manner. What is that control? The amount you and your stomach can handle. You can occasionally include a treat in your diet if you practice portion management.

 Rujuta Diwekar typically says that even if you indulge yourself sometimes, a little serving will sate your desires and prevent weight gain. Everything in excess, even veggies, is harmful. Eat appropriately because our stomachs are just the size of two hands.

  • Avoid Distractions While Eating

When you consume a meal, avoid having distractions like TV, phones, or laptops. If you prefer to watch something while having your meals, it causes distractions and all your attention is not on the food but on the content in front of you.

This results in over-eating as you unconsciously consume more than you need. To lead a healthy life, you need to eat just what is needed.

  • Don’t Compare Weight Loss Experiences

There will never be two weight loss journeys that are the same. You might not want to go on a diet right now, even though you think it has benefitted you in the past. A wise diet may take unpredictability into account and make changes in your stress and hunger into consideration.

  • Quick Weight Loss is a Lie

In a series of videos, Rujuta Diwekar explained that quick weight loss is not long-term maintainable. About 10% of your body weight should be lost over the course of a year for healthy and long-lasting weight loss. Fitness routines that claim a quick weight loss hinder a healthy life ahead.

  • Eat Local

The weight loss tip that differentiates Rujuta Diwekar from any other Nutritionist. She recommends having local food- your region’s specialty, your staple diet, or the food our moms have been making since time.

She claims that no type of exotic or pricey food is needed for a fitness routine. Healthy weight loss can be achieved by having food that our body is familiar with and recognizes.

  • Proper Sleep Over Everything

A common weight loss error is getting too little sleep. It’s important to give the body some time to unwind and repair after a demanding workout program. Rujuta Diwekar claims that obtaining adequate sleep is the most important step in weight loss and aids in maintaining healthy skin and hair.

  • Afternoon Naps

While it may come as a surprise, the celebrity nutritionist advises sleeping in the afternoon to increase the quality of your sleep, which will help you lose weight even more.

  • Don’t Go For Dairy-Free Diets

Unless it is doctor recommended, and your body actually can’t digest lactase, doing a dairy-free diet does more harm to your body. Dairy Products contain calcium and other nutrients that are extremely beneficial.

  • “Sugar-Free” Anything is a Lie

Sugar-free, in Rujuta’s opinion, means nothing. Nothing that claims to be sugar-free truly is. Sugar may be consumed, just in moderation. You shouldn’t start your day with coffee or tea, and whenever you do, try to enjoy the taste of the drinks with less sugar. Two modest cups of tea or coffee each day should be plenty.

  1. Ditch The “Diet Trends”

On social media, there are a ton of fitness gurus and experts that provide advice on how to lose weight and what foods to consume and avoid. Rujuta advises against mindlessly copying these Internet memes.

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