5 Daily Routines That Can Help You Deal With “Sadness” Better


Where there is life, there is growth. Where there is growth, there are realizations and feelings. Everyone has their own way to deal with their feelings. Some prefer to express it to either a person or a diary, Some just want to keep it bottled up inside them, for it to come out god knows when. When one goes through a rough patch, one needs to know- they are not alone. Well, that is what the National Institute of Health has to say.

Many times, we experience a huge wave of sadness or anger, but can’t pinpoint to specific event or person which may have been the cause. People and Events both affect us and can provoke unknown and sometimes unnecessary thoughts and feelings. A little moment of peace and a dive into your mind can help you feel in control of your emotions. 

According to NIH, one can get through these tough times by inculcating little everyday activities and practices into their routine.

1. Spiritualness

They say, our subconscious mind has all the answers. It reports, observes, and stores every little thing without the conscious mind knowing. Focusing on the event and points related to the same may help you to know yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, and triggers. 

2. Mind Mapping

While in a low state of mind, hop on a mental time machine and trace all the points, people, and patterns that lead to this particular moment. You will find that one silly little trigger responsible for messing up your mind. 

3. Join a Group

“All work and no play makes Jhonny a dull boy”. This statement is very valid. Having a one-track life that consists of zero recreational activities can make one feel drained out after a while. Our mind needs space for it to grow and learn more. Joining a group or a Club that will make you have fun and experience pure joy works wonders for a drained-out mind. 

4. Give Yourself Time

One should never forget that you are a person too. The National Institute of Health recognizes the value of mental health being as important as physical. Everyone’s journey is different and Everyone’s way of dealing with things and the healing process is different. 

5. Setting Boundaries 

For yourself and others, One must realize when it is a limit and be responsible enough to stop right there. This can be about expectations, you have from yourself and others have from you, setting up goals and missions, and many other things. One must know their potential, but one must also know their setbacks. 

Please remember that you are not alone and seeking help is always the right option. 

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