HCL Funds $15 Million to Entrepreneurs to Tackle Freshwater Crisis


With only 0.5% of freshwater available, it was so urgent to protect as the world is losing the remaining trapped 2.5%. As the world population is reaching 8.5 billion by 2030, pressure is on the world’s limited supply of water. By 2030, water demand can guarantee supplies by 40%. Additionally, the loss of access to freshwater can limit as much as one-third, in addition, to having detrimental outcomes.

What are the strategies?

Governments and private businesses collaboratively need to find solutions for delivering freshwater, and innovation is a key role in success. Taking immediate action for freshwater conservation and control,  HCL has partnered with UpLink.  The partnership will provide open innovation platform at the World Economic Forum that connects incredibly promising start-ups with their companions and investment.

A $15 million in funding over 5 years, HCL will boost innovations for water and create a first-of-its-type innovation. The initiative brings the nearby HCL party to innovative water conservation and brings together to foster multi-stakeholder collaboration.

Today, freshwater resources globally are extremely burdened and every fifth child on this planet faces water scarcity, said Roshni Nadar Malhotra, CEO of HCL Group and Chairperson of HCL Technologies. 

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The new collaboration of HCL and UpLink encompasses constructing a freshwater innovation environment.  The collaboration also includes strolling innovation demanding situations to supply answers from marketers. Connecting those entrepreneurs to present projects and water networks.

Together, HCL and UpLink’s goal is to help marketers develop their talent and management skills. These joint efforts will fuel the water innovation agenda and key industry ideas, approaches, and responses. Innovation in freshwater control is equally important to the function of water in the transition. The launch of a brand new file in Davos, A Freshwater Future: Without Blue, There Is No Green Economy. 

About the Annual Meeting 2022

The World Economic Forum has been the international organization for public-private cooperation for more than 50 years. The annual meeting is the central place for leaders to accelerate the partnerships needed to tackle global challenges. Convened under the theme “History at a Tipping Point, Government Policy and Business Strategy.” The 2022 Annual Meeting and its 450 sessions will bring together global leaders from business, government, and civil society.

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