China’s First Solar-Powered Car, a Zero-Emission Level 4 Autonomous Vehicle

As other businesses across the world get closer to providing scaled manufacturing of solar EVs, a multi-organizational collaborative effort in China has advanced sustainable mobility by developing a solar car that is powered by solar energy. The Tianjin solar vehicle is now available. At the sixth World Intelligence Conference, the Tianjin Solar vehicle was introduced in China and has since begun a tour of mainland China. The vehicle was collaboratively created by 42 enterprises and three colleges, following the local press in China. There are several limitations because it took five months to create, such as the 47-mile maximum tested range.

Solar-powered automobiles of the World

Gaining range from the enormous, flaming ball of gas that descends on us every day seems like a no-brainer and many of the EV firms attempting to accomplish the same feel the same way. The second effort by Aptera to commercialize a solar electric vehicle (EV) in California is still scheduled for later this year.

Light year recently debuted the production model of the Light year 0 SEV abroad; manufacturing will also start later this year. For its flagship Sion EV, scheduled for production in 2023, Sono Motors is in the process of developing a validation prototype in Germany.

Tianjin’s portrayal

The sixth World Intelligence Conference served as the Tianjin solar vehicle’s premiere, and it has since begun a fresh tour of mainland China.


For instance, it is claimed that the Tianjin solar car can “Level 4 and above” of autonomous driving. This vehicle’s solar module size is 8.1 square meters, much larger than that of a SEV like the Light-year, and it has 5 square meters worth of cells, which is a lot. The first 100% solar car from China has the following additional details:

The car in the video is more than 13 feet (4 meters) in length, over six feet (1.7 meters) in width, and six feet (1.8 meters) in height. It weighs 2,250 pounds (1,020 kg).

The driver’s compartment is located upfront and minimally comprised of three controls underneath a large touchscreen display. Since the vehicle is purportedly equipped with Level 4 autonomous driving, which is well seen in the brief video, a steering wheel is conspicuously absent from the scene.

• Speed

According to reports, the automobile can go at a top speed of 49 mph (79.2 kph), which is respectable for a vehicle that will probably be utilized in urban settings.

Although not very exciting specifications compared to a solar EV or any other EV, these figures are nonetheless fairly good given that they are fully powered by solar energy. To put it mildly, that is thrilling.

The Sun is the Engine

The solar module on the automobile has a far larger surface area than any prior solar vehicle, measuring 87 square feet (8.1 square meters). It has a maximum energy production of 7.6 kWh on sunny days. Also included in the vehicle’s setup is a battery with a 330 WH/kg energy storage density.

For every 62 miles (100 km) traveled, using this vehicle is predicted to minimize carbon emissions by 55 pounds (100 lb). However, this has a 47-mile maximum tested range (74.8 km).

With the solar-powered automobile presently on tour in China, we hope to hear more about it shortly.

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