New York Times Adds “Connections” Game to Portfolio

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Connections, a brand-new puzzle game from The New York Times, which is renowned for its successful forays into the gaming sector, is prepared to replicate its success. This week, Connections will formally join the ranks of the Times’ gaming products following a very successful summer testing period.

The game, which had very little promotional support, became remarkably well-liked during testing and eventually rose to become the second-most popular title on the platform, only behind Wordle. For both desktop and mobile site users, connections will be available through the Times’ Games app and news app under the Play tab.

Engaging Word Association Challenge

Connections, an engaging word association game, is available on both desktop and mobile web platforms. The objective of the game is for players to classify a set of 16 words into four different subjects. Before their opportunities run out, the players get four chances to solve the problem.

Behind the Success Story

The Times’ head of games, Jonathan Knight, provided details on Connections’ development process. The idea for the game was developed during a “Game Jam,” which is like a hackathon for video game concepts. Connections were improved and then released in beta mode in June. During this time, the only real ways to find the puzzle were through searches or the game menus.

Millions of players sign up for the game every week, a testament to its attractiveness and immediate popularity. Knight highlighted the simplicity of usage and understanding of Connections. The game stands out because it is one of the Times’ most editorially driven games and uses cunningly constructed terms that appear to be unconnected but actually are.

Driving Revenue Beyond Advertising

The New York Times‘ policy of pursuing other revenue streams outside of traditional advertising is supported by the popularity of games like Wordle and Connections. While advertising income remained stable, subscription revenue from digital goods increased by over 7% in the second quarter of this year, hitting $409.6 million. The Times’ viewership has grown to 9.1 million digital-only subscribers as of this writing thanks in large part to gaming.

Although Wordle still reigns supreme, the rise of the Times has been considerably aided by the success of other games. Times CEO Meredith Kopit Levien brought attention to this phenomenon by highlighting the significant surge in player engagement in games other than Wordle. Beyond the constraints of the congested news category, the deliberate inclusion of games and applications like Cooking has been essential in boosting subscriptions.

Unlocking International Expansion Through Gaming

The Times’ success is not confined to the US market; the global potential is evident. As Brian Morrissey, author of the media newsletter “The Rebooting,” stated, games have the power to attract a diverse audience that may not initially subscribe to news. By offering a bundled experience that includes both games and news, the Times can tap into an international market.

According to Sensor Tower statistics, The Times’ $4.99/month Games app has had significant global downloads, exceeding 11 million since January 2019. The number of downloads has increased by an astounding 76% year over year.

Despite the fact that growth has dropped from quarter to quarter, the release of a hit like Connections may reverse this trend. Jonathan Knight respectfully avoids drawing comparisons between Connections’ potential and Wordle’s viral success, acknowledging the rarity and significance of such occurrences.

Connections is ready to lead the charge in captivating and engrossing audiences as The New York Times continues to create waves in the gaming industry, all while extending the newspaper’s worldwide reach.

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