China Reports A Massive Data Breach: 1 Billion Citizens Data Hack


Recently, China has recorded a massive data hack and 1 billion citizens alleged that they got trapped by hackers.

As yet there is no official confirmation of this data leak from Chinese authorities. The cyber security experts and other web forums have confirmed the leak.

Data squeezed from the Shanghai police database

It is reported that a hacker has acknowledged that he has stolen the data of 1 billion Chinese citizens from the Shanghai police database. If it is found authentic then this will be the biggest data theft in the history.

Shanghai Police has not instantly reacted to the issue, as per reports.

What’s in that database?

Reports said that the database which leaked comprises all the necessary information like names, addresses, mobile numbers, case details, and national identification numbers, all leaked from the Shanghai police database as claimed by hackers.

As per the news reports the size of data leaked is around 24TB it includes information about 1 billion citizens and their cases.

Originally the news rolled out from Chinese social media platforms like Weibo, but after some time Chinese censors blocked the searches for keywords related to the news. China’s government was smart to compress online discussions on the issue.

“When you’re talking about a billion people’s information and it’s static information, it’s not about where they travelled, who they communicated with or what they were doing, then it becomes very much less interesting,” said the expert Chester Wisniewski he adds on that “The information, once it’s unleashed, is forever out there,” Wisniewski said.

“Everyone, please be careful in case there are more phone scams in the future!,” mentioned an individual in a Weibo post.

About the Hackers

The identity of the hackers is not evident yet as per current posts on the online hacking forums, breach forum an unknown user recognized with the user name of “ChinaDan“. He has proposed to sell all the data for 10 bitcoins which is the same as  $200,000.

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