Don’t Have A Costume? 5 Halloween Costumes That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Halloween Costumes

Halloween and Costumes have always walked hand in hand. Many people would dress up as saints and sing or read poetry door to door. Additionally, kids would knock on doors and ask for “soul cakes,” a dessert resembling biscuits.

The costumes also changed with time. Although they started as sincere tributes to saints, that custom probably lost popularity at some point. One fine day,  young Scots and Irish pranksters thought to dress up in frightful attire. And nothing’s been the same as it was. Suddenly, Halloween costumes were terrifying, eerie, funny, and creative all at once.

Although superhero and Star Wars costumes are fantastic, there are times when you prefer something a little more…traditional. Like a witch or a vampire, or a ghost or skeleton, you know. Those adorable but spooky outfits never go out of style! Or how about the traditional Halloween garb from years past, such as pumpkins and animals? Perhaps clowns and other comical costumes? Choosing a costume is a never-ending circle of doubt-hating the costume-saying “Oh I am never dressing up for Halloween”. 

But we all know. The next year we will go through the same process of intense brainstorming to choose a creative Halloween costume. 

Have you ever wondered what were the previous versions of some of the popular or loved Halloween costumes? Let us time-travel a bit to see how traditional Halloween costumes faced upgrades and modifications, but still stayed iconic, and will forever. 

1. The Witch

Probably the most iconic and traditional costume for Halloween. What’s better than dressing up on a night made for spooky things and ghosts than dressing up as a witch? There are so many options to become a Witch—both real-life witches from Salem and made-up ones from L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, such as the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good Witch of the South, are included in the category of witches. Then there are witches from mythology, such as the green-skinned hags. 

Nothing could go wrong with a nice-old Witch costume. 

2. A Zombie 

What is more spooky than a creepy-looking zombie out for the hunt of human beings to bite? Train to Busan was proof enough that zombies are literal nightmares. Earlier, a zombie costume was just ripped clothes and making the weirdest growling noises. But today, there’s a plethora of zombie costumes going from “Teacher Zombie” to “Santa Zombie”. The list is long. 

3. A Ghost

A Ghost is the easiest costume to put together. Just a white bedsheet/cover and a black sharpie and you’re done! You can be Casper the friendly ghost with the ones who give you good treats but turn into the Conjuring spirit if you get some boring treats. 

4. A Superhero 

Now, it is sad as is that we don’t live on Earth 616 to experience the Avengers live. But what we can do is dress up as our favorite world’s mightiest heroes and imagine ourselves on that adventure. 

Superhero costumes scream your love for that character and look amazingly cool. They could be DIY or store-bought, but all you need is that one iconic line of your favorite superhero and you’re ready to roll. 

5. The Clown

Now, even though Pennywise has changed the image of clowns, they will always be the innocently but hilariously confused characters who will make you laugh, at times without even uttering a single word. Although they haven’t always been connected to Halloween, clown costumes have been worn for generations.

Clown Halloween costumes will always have a special place in both Halloween and the circus. 

Halloween has been celebrated ever since the 1840s, and it has always been a night to remember with loved ones. Every aspect of Halloween has its specialty, but costumes are always the highlight of every year. 

So, what is your plan this year? To dress up as something the world will behold, or stick to the classics because you’re just there for the vibe of it? 

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