Chef Darline Dorcely Release Caribbean Cookbook—A Taste of Caribbean Cuisine

Darline Dorcely
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STAMFORD, CT –Darline Dorcely, chef and general manager of Chef Liline has released a cookbook highlighting her very own mouth watering Caribbean recipes. Perfect for entertaining family and friends, Taste of the Caribbean Cuisine is accessible to cooks of all skill levels. TASTE OF THE CARIBBEAN CUISINE is available for purchase on Amazon and other online retailers.

Born in Marchand Dessaline, Haiti, chef and general manager Darline Dorcely has deep roots in the Caribbean. Her passion for its cuisine began at home with her own family. After watching her mother cook delectable dishes at home for years, Darline decided to make her very own griot with plantains and was so successful it became a regular activity. Like her mother, Darline put all her love and passion into her cooking and continues to do so today.

In her cookbook, Darline points out that Caribbean food is so much more diverse than many people realize. The Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Jamaica, Trinidad, Darline’s own Haiti, and many more cultures contribute to this delicious and robust cuisine. It is a fusion of African, Armenian, European, East Indian, Arab, and Chinese cooking, as well as the contributions of the Indigenous Caribbean population. Caribbean dishes are also incredibly versatile and easily be paired with non-Caribbean dishes or even eaten as a snack.

However, the most important aspects of all these cultures—and, indeed, the most important to author and chef Darline Dorcely—the joy and love that go into creating these dishes. To help even novice chefs share these tasty flavors their loved ones, Darline has included an easy-to-read measurement guide.

Get your own copy of Taste of the Caribbean Cuisine and discover the distinct and rich flavors of the islands in one beautiful layout in the comfort of your own home.


Darline Dorcely is a chef and general manager of Chef Liline, a premium catering service based out of Stamford, CT. She hospitality management and culinary arts certifications from Norwalk Community College in 2015 and an Associate of Science in Business Administration in 2019. Darline also has a growing YouTube channel where she shares even more of her delicious recipes.


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