China’s Probe Lands On The Undiscovered Side Of The Moon


Due to today’s technological advancement and the curiosity to dive into deeper depth, space programs such as the one in China have taken the initiative to explore unknown parts of space. It is to be noted that recently, a lunar probe has touched a very crucial part of the Moon’s surface. The probe, Chang’e-6,  landed on the Moon’s South Pole-Aitken Basin. It is said that the drilling of lunar soil will begin soon. The lunar soil can also be called a regolith.

More About the Mission

This mission follows five successful lunar missions, from Chang’e-1 through Chang’e-5. These missions included establishing a weather station on the Moon’s far side with Chang’e-4. This was the first time any craft had reached that area. Chang’e-5 conducted a sample return mission from the polar region. It brought back the first lunar samples since the Apollo missions.

Following the discovery, Scientists believe that Apollo Crater could contain some of the Moon’s oldest regolith. This regolith dates back almost four billion years, to the Earth’s earliest formations. The mission is also said to consist of four main components: an orbiter, a lander, an ascent vehicle, and a re-entry module.

The lander’s mechanical drill arm will gather and stow the lunar samples. These samples will then be blasted into space by the ascent vehicle. The orbiter will pick up the ascent vehicle and send the samples back to Earth in the re-entry module. Communication for this mission will be managed through the Queqiao-2 satellite. Normal communications are blocked on the Moon’s far side. If successful, China will be the first nation to land and sample on the Moon’s far side.

The Significance of the Mission

This mission is the last sample-return mission in the Chang’e series. Future missions, Chang’e-7 and Chang’e-8, will focus on in-situ experiments. These experiments aim to inform and assist the establishment of a permanent Chinese robotic base on the Moon. The Chinese space program has made significant progress in the past six years. Missions Chang’e-4 and Chang’e-5, including a sample return mission, were complete successes.

Following Chang’e-5’s landing, but before the samples returned, the Chinese space agency achieved another milestone. It became the only space program to see its first orbiter, lander, and rover sent to Mars all succeed on the first attempt. The success of the Chang’e-6 mission will further solidify China’s position in space exploration. Their continued achievements highlight the potential for future lunar and interplanetary missions. 

Future Endeavours 

China’s commitment to space exploration is evident through its series of successful missions. Each mission builds on the previous one, showcasing technological advancements and increasing capabilities. The ongoing success of the Chinese space program inspires other nations and fosters international collaboration in space exploration. The Chang’e missions, especially the recent Chang’e-6, exemplify China’s dedication to exploring and understanding the Moon.

As China continues its lunar exploration, the world watches closely. The discoveries made from these missions will expand our knowledge of the Moon and its history. The lunar samples collected by Chang’e-6 will provide valuable insights into the Moon’s formation and evolution. These findings could also have implications for understanding the early Earth. 

China’s space program is set to make numerous contributions to space science and exploration. Their ambitious goals and consistent achievements highlight their growing role in the global space community. The Chang’e-6 mission is a demonstration of China’s expertise and determination in space exploration. The success of these missions paves the way for future endeavors and partnerships in exploring the final frontier.

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