India Develops their own Operating System for Smartphones

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If you’re using a smartphone, it could be Android or iOS. There is a duopoly between Google and Apple in the smartphone Operating system market, not only other companies but governments of many countries have tried to shake it off. To challenge both Google and Apple, the Indian government is now considering the development of their own smartphone operating system, The Indian-OS.

The Government of India is now planning to come up with a policy that will facilitate the creation of a native mobile operating system.

There is no third one. Therefore, in a lot of ways there is tremendous interest in MeitY and in the Government of India to even create a new handset operating system. We are talking to people. We are looking at a policy for that. – Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Union Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology 

Why There is the Idea of Indian-OS?

The operating system is the Primary software tool of any computer or mobile device that weaves in the entire hardware and software market. If there is any real competence then developing that area will create an alternative to iOS and Android that can encourage an Indian brand to grow. India’s objective to develop a home-grown Operating System is to boost the country’s tech industry from 75M $ to 300M $ in near 2026.

How Govt. of India Forethoughting to Develop The Indian-OS?

The Government is framing to create an ecosystem for the development of an alternative OS for Smartphones. On that aim, the government was active towards developing a policy that will ease the industry dedicated to the creation of an indigenous operating system to counter Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS and looking for startups and academic institutions who want to join them in the creation of a homegrown operating system.

The government is considering the development of the Operating System, as part of the government’s efforts to create a vibrant design and innovation ecosystem in Electronics and Information Technology. – Chandrasekhar 

In the past, there were many attempts to counter Android and IOS. Samsung Tizen OS and Microsoft’s Windows (mobile) lasted for just a couple of years before the market share of both become negligible but they both are dead now. In recent years, Huawei launched Harmony OS after America banned its android fair use to trade for Chinese involvement in the company, now there is a new competitor Indian-OS.

What are The Pros and Cons of This Decision

The Operating system market for smartphones is very centralized and much tougher to compete with. Against such Software Giants like Apple and Google, there are many examples that are still operating among small users like Cyanogen Mod (custom Rom) Harmony OS (Huawei only).

The challenges for developing a new OS cannot be ignored but hope never dies. So, what if India comes close to developing its own unique OS?


• Only For India made, it’s more secure and easier to use.
• It will help to grow small businesses.
• Will help the Indian Tech market.


• Will it be believable for millennials?
• It is just in starting phase now can it be well optimized
• It will run on low-end hardware since 70% of the Indian smartphone market is just low-end hardware.

For now, those are just speculation rest is yet to see…

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