Beer for the Soul? More Like Beer for the SOLE


A pen is also a watch. A Pop Socket that is also Lip Balm. A Watch that is also a mirror. Oh? We were just listing some crazy innovations and collaborations we could’ve never considered. Behold, as the world witnesses another one of such crazy collaborations. Beer in Sneakers! Yes, that is right. The renowned Beer Company is now diving headstrong into the Fashion world.

A moment for the Sneaker-Heads and Beer-Bros out there. Now we have “Heinekicks”. 

How Unique is it really?

The Beer company collaborated with noted shoe designer, Dominic Ciambrone to design this wonder of a shoe. The sneaker’s design is as unique and bizarre as the sneaker itself- the body has splashes of Green and Red, giving a hint of the iconic colors of the Heineken Silver Bottles. Have Heinekicks shocked you with its uniqueness yet? No? The Sneakers also have a detachable Bottle Opener placed near the tongue of the sole. 

The fascinating feature of the shoe is the sole- which is filled with Beer. The Company used a professional surgical syringe to insert said Beer into the Sneaker. Can this be any more iconic? 

The aim was to create a “smooth” impression while walking as one experiences while taking a sip of the well-known Heineken Beer. 

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What was the reaction?

The “Heinekicks” took the world by storm. Sparking Debates and Discussions online. While some found the said sneaker “Iconic” and “A Statement” others questioned the logic behind them. With one common question, “Can we Drink it?”. 

The “Heinekicks” is an exclusive limited edition design; only 32 pairs will be available worldwide. So if your inner Sneaker-Head wants to have a slice of this iconic cake, keep your eyes and ears open for further announcements! 

“The shoe not only embodies the energy of Heineken Silver but literally carries it. I can’t say I’ve ever designed a sneaker that contains actual beer before,’’ says the Designer. 

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