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The Real Estate Photography Club and are two new platforms from Photo Media that will help professional real estate and architectural photographers. The Club allows real estate photographers from all over the world to interact, form communities, and learn from one another as they grow their businesses.

The group is open to all novice and experienced real estate photographers from across the world. Although each country’s real estate markets are unique, the same concepts apply to all parts of the firm, including equipment, marketing, equipment, business development, and finance.

Target Market

Real estate photography is a specialized field in which many new photographers struggle to establish themselves and find their first clients. connects real estate photographers with their target market, allowing them to jumpstart their business and build valuable long-term relationships with real estate agents. On their dashboard, users can see analytics such as the number of views their listing has received, as well as the location, device, browser type, and referral sources of leads and potential clients.

Budget and Service

The website connects real estate professionals all around the world with experienced real estate photographers. On, you may find a reputable property photographer who suits your budget and service requirements, whether you’re a real estate agent, architect, interior designer, or private seller. Real estate agents can engage a photographer for a one-time assignment or a single (sale or rental) property listing, or use their services for recurring marketing campaigns, using the site.

Haus Photo Media was founded in 2019 to empower real estate photographer with educational resources to assist them to build their companies. Visit RealEstatePhotograper.Club and for more information on the new platforms for real estate photographer, or email

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