E-Space Joins Net Zero Space Initiative to Reduce Debris in Orbit

Net Zero Space

E-Space will join the Paris Peace Forum’s Net Zero Space program to eliminate orbital debris and assure long-term access to space. The initiative’s purpose is to accelerate action to contain and mitigate ongoing contamination of Earth’s orbital environment by preventing new hazardous space debris from being generated and remediating existing trash. CNES and The International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety are among the global coalition of satellite operators, launch providers, space agencies, and universities that E-Space has joined (IAASS).

A global commitment to ensuring sustainable use of outer space for the benefit of all humanity by 2030. – Net Zero Space program.

“Satellites constructed with sustainability in mind are not only viable, but needed,” said Greg Wyler, founder and chairman of E-Space, “to clean away space debris, maintain space accessible for future generations of innovators, and enable space-based applications to improve life on Earth.” 

We have a golden opportunity to accelerate the expansion of the space economy while averting catastrophic side effects that threaten to cripple our business by working together with the members of the Net Zero Space Initiative.

Net Zero Space

All partners of the initiative agree to take concrete steps toward the “Net Zero Space” aim. E-satellite Space’s system was created with sustainability at the forefront of its architecture, in accordance with the initiative’s guidelines. The communications satellites have narrow cross-sections, making them less vulnerable to collision and thereby reducing the formation of space debris. Small space debris will eventually be actively captured and deorbited by the satellites.

“We face a credible threat of a Kessler event,” said Jerome Barbier, Head of Outer Space, Digital, and Economic Issues at the Paris Peace Forum. “Unless we make major strides to put sustainability at the heart of all space activities, we face a credible threat of a Kessler event, where collisions of objects in space cascade and make space virtually unusable for all,” he said.

The Forum is bringing together major actors from across the globe and beyond the industry to reduce space debris, which is an important step forward in protecting Earth’s orbital environment and allowing mankind to continue to profit from space in the long run.

The Paris Peace Forum’s Net Zero Space program is one of the Forum’s primary initiatives, an open platform for addressing global issues and promoting collective action. In November, the Forum conducts an annual gathering of government and commercial sector leaders from across the world.

E-Space Information

With a mesh network of secure multi-application satellites, E-Space is democratizing space, allowing businesses and governments to use the potential of space to solve issues on Earth. E-Space, founded by industry pioneer Greg Wyler, provides higher-capacity, lower-cost satellite constellation deployments to enable a new generation of services and applications, ranging from 5G communications to command and control systems. With a planned design that minimizes and eliminates debris and devastation while conserving access to space for future generations, the company prioritizes sustainability. Visit e-space.com for additional information.

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