NFTs Aren’t as Cool as They Sound


The world is altered by technology in many aspects. In present times illnesses that were hardly cured can be cured. Instead of fossil fuels, the vehicle operates on batteries, and people on opposite sides of the globe can communicate via video chat. The question arises on the extent of technology in influencing the perception of people across the world.

The new trend of Blockchain technology, fueled by the cryptocurrency craze that propelled Bitcoin into the tens of thousands of dollars. Non-fungible tokens, or simply NFTs, are digital collectibles that collectors and investors are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on.

NFTs (Non- Fungible Tokens)

Digital works of art are the NFTs existing on the blockchain networks and have a variety of forms. Video Clips, memes, music, images, and even tweets are one of the most popular forms of digital art. Yes, you read that correctly: Twitter tweets can be converted into NFTs and sold.

NFTs are non-fungible, which is an essential feature. Fungibility simply indicates that the commodity has multiple units, all of which are interchangeable and identical and are indistinguishable from one another.

Cons and Pros

When you buy an NFT, you’re investing, just like when you buy any other piece of art. Whether the work is digital or tangible a huge secondary market arises of it. To invest your hard earn money in digital art, there will be disadvantages and advantages for the same just like any other investment.


NFT is intriguing without a doubt. Significant disadvantages remain in investing in it. They are as follows:

Uncertainty of Value: Even for a specialist, NFTs are perplexing assets. On the purchase of the NFTs, artist copyrights cannot be bought. People can still locate copies of the work for which you hold the token on the Internet, and nothing is stopping them from pasting and copying files into social media. It shows off and shares something in which you have invested millions of dollars.

No digitization of physical art: To own digital and physical art is completely different. Digitization of physical art is not possible. Seeing a one-of-a-kind painting with your own eyes has an attraction that these tokens can’t match.

Cost on the environment: In context with blockchain technology, the environment became a prominent topic of discussion. A significant amount of energy is consumed by recording anything on the Ethereum blockchain as it requires a considerable amount of computing. Consequently, broad trading in NFTs and other blockchain-based assets is not an environment-friendly measure.


The benefits of the NFTs are as follows:

Ownership of something unique: These digital treasures are non-fungible, which means they are one-of-a-kind. When you know you own a one-of-a-kind piece, whether it’s a digital image, painting, an audio clip, a piece of furniture, or another digital asset. It gives a great feeling.

Growth of Value: When you buy these tokens, just like any other investment, there’s always the possibility of your money growing in value.

Data Record: Maintaining records of authenticity and chain-of-ownership for priceless artwork can be difficult at times. Here’s where NFTs shine. Because NFTs exist on the blockchain, there are clear ownership records for all of them, which means your digital artwork should never be stolen or its legitimacy questioned. Some accept the innovation will ultimately advance into a superior means to oversee and deal with significant information and records, not similarly as a device to oversee computerized treasures.

Excitement: As of now, blockchain innovation is producing a ton of interest. Some foresee that innovation will samely affect customer conduct as the Internet did. That is an intriguing idea, and by buying an NFT, you’re effectively adding to that innovative progression.

NFTs are loads of tomfoolery. They give an instrument to you to hold some different options from a coin on the blockchain. In any case, as a venture, they ought to be thought of as profoundly theoretical and incredibly hazardous. There’s genuine worth in the blockchain and what it can achieve for mankind, later on, however it’s not in the capacity to sell customers moderately unsteady “proprietorship” of computerized resources. Assuming that you wish to take an interest in the blockchain and see these tokens as a method for doing as such, feel free to do as such. In any case, do as such with alert.

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