Intel Announced Arc-Series Dedicated Graphics Processor


Intel is an American multinational tech giant with a market share of 83.8 percent in the Desktop CPU market. With that benefits, Intel announced a series of discrete graphics processors on its Xe HPG architecture. There will be 3 series of GPUs, Arc 3 (based on ACM-G11 die), Arc 5, Arc 7 (based on ACM-G10 die) both.

What’s in demonstrated Arc 3?

The entry-level Arc 3 currently with two models- A350M and A370M. A350M packed with 6 Xe-core, 6 ray tracing and other A370M features 8 Xe-cores and 8 ray tracing cores. Both will have 4GB GDDR6 memory and 25W-50W TGP. For the announcement, they had released a promotional video featuring performances and new features Competing with AMD. In terms of gaming performances, Intel is marketing Arc 3 as a 1080p 60fps target.

Arc 5 and Arc 7 details will be available in future days.

 What Is New In Arc- Series?

The GPU includes the XMX AI engine that also is found on Nvidia’s Tensor cores it will also come with Xess like DLSS of Nvidia.

Furthermore, it comes with hardware-accelerated  AV1 encoding and Deep-link gives 30% more performance in dynamic power share. Arc control software gives a reliable experience like the GeForce experience without login

Intel also has a very brief look at its upcoming desktop graphics card. There was a short teaser video showing the form factor of the card, which is a limited edition Founders Edition sort of model from Intel, although there will likely be models available from AIB partners as well. No further details were provided regarding this product.

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