Adidas Reveals The Qatar Worldcup 2022’s Ball ‘Al Rihla’ Ft. Messi


This year’s grand sports tournament FIFA Worldcup will be held in Qatar. At the showpiece event, fans saw the official match ball on Wednesday 31 March, for the very first time and its design has certainly got a seal of approval.

The name is a bit confusing ‘Al Rihla’, at the key event Adidas unveiled the official match ball for the Qatar  2022 World Cup featuring Messi. Adidas said it was the fastest “in-flight” ball ever.

What’s New in this “Al Rihla”?

Designed by Adidas, who have produced the balls for the last 14 tournaments. The ball has a vibrant blue, red, and yellow color scheme that swoops across a pearlescent white background. First is its CRT-CORE,  providing speed, accuracy, and consistency for fast-paced action and precision, with maximum shape and air retention, as well as rebound precision.

Then there’s the SPEEDSHELL with a new 20-piece panel shape that improves precision, flight stability, and steering through macro and microtextures.

The sports organization FIFA announced this design is to support peak game speed, as it travels faster in flight than any ball in the history of the tournament. It provides the highest level of accuracy and reliability in the playfield.

The ball’s design is inspired by the nation’s architecture, iconic boats, and national flag.

“The ball is just the beginning. The rest of your football journey is yet to be written,” written on Al Rihla’s caption on, where it is on sale for $165.

Argentina Captain Lionel Messi and South Korea captain Son Heung-min are pictured holding the ball in promotional material used in the online Adidas shop.

“The game is getting faster and, as it speeds up, accuracy and flight stability become critically important,” said Franziska Löffelmann, the Design Director – Football Graphics & Hardwear at Adidas.

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