Fake Verified Accounts Can Cascade The Platform Into Chaos


Ever since Elon Musk purchased Twitter in a $44 Billion deal, the app has constantly been escalating into more and more chaos. Advertisers rush away, actual neo-Nazis are becoming verified, and imposter accounts are widespread. Additionally, Musk must find a way to pay the $1.2 billion in debt payments due annually or risk the company’s collapse.

The latest “Twitter Blue” policy which allows literally any account to rock that blue verified tick mark at $8 is taking turns even Musk wouldn’t have imagined. While the policy was made for the micro-blogging platform to collect extra revenue, it has now become a way for parody accounts to be the imposter as fake celebrities, authorities, or politicians’ Twitter accounts and tweet just about anything. 

The two types of blue check accounts can no longer be visually differentiated from one another when tweets are shown in Twitter’s timeline. To do this, one would need to click through to a user’s follower count, which isn’t always a trustworthy indicator or look for any hints in their other tweets. The copy that appears when you click on the check mark directly from a profile page appears to be different as well, but like with anything on Twitter at the moment, that might change.

But one cannot deny that these fake tweets and the irony of the accounts they’re coming from are incredibly hilarious to witness. 

  1. Trump Back And is Loveable By All?

Thanks to previous events and actions, former US president Donald Trump was banned from the platform. But well apparently he made a comeback- and his statements and tweet on the app are completely ironical to his real-life speeches. 

However, through tweets like “Joe Biden is a fine man. Very great leader!” it is evident to any user that this account is fake, but well we can pretend for a second or two. 

  1. Apple’s Apple Air Too Cheap For Anyone’s Liking

After launching iPhone14 and other models, “Apple” decided to apple-ise the air we breathe bringing Apple Air+ “a brand new innovative group of atoms specifically tuned to enhance your Apple Store experience”. 

“AppleofCA” on Twitter announced this marvelous of a product making it uncannily resemble an official announcement that Apple lovers might just go and purchase their own Apple Air+.

  1. Mario is Really Angry

The beloved video game character Mario has been a friendly and goofy character to little kids ever since Nintendo launched. But it seems the new policies have angered the friendly little Mario. 

When a verified account for Nintendo, “nintendoofus” tweeted the character showing the bird. 

These and many more “subscribed not verified” impersonating accounts flooded Twitter and cascaded for Twitter to stop their verification-official account process just to look into these impersonating accounts and either suspend or take their blue tick away. 

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