LG Introduces “Rubber Band Like” Stretchable Rollable Screens


We started with foldable phones, and now we have foldable mobile screens that miraculously don’t break in two halves when you fold them. Behold. Now you can fold your screen in a neat little fold and push it down your pockets! LG brings this marvel of an invention who’s latest screen can not just be bended, but can be twisted, distorted, wobbled and rolled up without any damage.

Announced through a press release, “Stretchable Display: can display full-color RGB and has a 100ppi resolution. The micro LEDs utilized in the prototype had a sub-40 m pixel pitch and put together into a silicone substrate material that is commonly found in contact lenses. This gives it a consistency “similar to that of a rubber band,” according to LG Display, and enables it to be stretched in any direction by up to 20%.

Previously, we have seen flexible screens have in smart phones, TV screens and even in smart wardrobes. The company Although the company hasn’t announced any product announcements featuring the technology, they anticipate it will eventually utilized in sectors like wearables, mobility, smart devices, gaming, and fashion. As part of a government-sponsored development effort, LG Display is now working on the first prototype of a stretchy screen with the goal of advancing display technology by 2024.
“Innovations like the Stretchable are important as it builds a bridge to connect display technology to countless other industries, ultimately providing a more convenient lifestyle for consumers.” L.G via their press release.

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