China Builds World’s Longest Single-Tower Suspension Bridge

Suspension Bridge

The bridge, which is supported at both ends by cables and is built in a mountain valley with a V form, seems as though it defies gravity and is recognized as an engineering marvel known to be the longest suspension bridge in the World. It is only held up by one tower on one side.

When it opens to traffic next month, China’s Lvzhijiang Bridge will be the first single tower, single-span suspension bridge in history.

An engineering marvel

The bridge, which is 798 meters long and spans the Lvzhijiang, also known as the “Green Juice River,” will facilitate and speed up transport in the remote and beautiful Yunnan province. The bridge is recognized as an engineering marvel. It is only held up by one tower on one side.

This bridge, a three-year project completed in 2019, is an important part of the 9,000 km long Yunnan Highway network and the 190 km long Yuchu Expressway. It will significantly cut the travel time between Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan and nearby Yuxi City. After the completion of the project, the crossing time between the two sides will be shortened from 1.5 hours to 2 minutes, which will play an important role in promoting tourism development and economic growth in central Yunnan.

China Railway Engineering Corporation

On March 9, the Lvzhijiang Bridge of the Yuxi-Chuxiong Expressway in Yunnan that CREC had been working on was successfully closed as the cable crane fastened the final piece of steel box girder on the sling precisely and steadily. (@CRECofficial).

It now extends 766 meters farther than the previous record-holder, the one-tower Jinshajiang Hutiaoxia expressway bridge.

For an insight view of the Longest Suspension Bridge in the World, click here

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