Elon Musk’s Father Offered to Donate Sperm to ‘high class’ Women

Elon Musk

Errol Musk’s father Errol Musk claims that his sperm is in “high demand” and is available for donation to “high-class” women. Henceforth, Elon Musk’s father gets offered to donate his sperm.

It occurred just a few days after the patriarch disclosed that he had a second lovechild with his stepdaughter, in secret. 

The backdrop behind donating the sperm

Errol Musk claims he has been requested to provide his sperm for multiple South American ladies.

Errol disclosed in a recent interview with The Sun said that an undisclosed Colombian firm had approached him about donating his sperm since it had the same genius DNA as the world’s richest man.

I’ve got a company who wants me to donate sperm to impregnate high-class women. They say, ‘Why to go to Elon when they can go to the actual person who created Elon?” Errol told The Sun.   

Errol said that while the Colombian corporation had offered him money in exchange for his body fluids, however, he had not accepted the offer.

Errol was asked whether he would donate his sperm rather than charge for it, and he responded, “Well, why not?”

He further cited that they haven’t offered me any money, but they have offered me first-class flights, accommodations at five-star hotels, and all that sort of stuff. 

Elon Musk reportedly welcomed twins

Recently it was widely reported, that weeks before the birth of his kid with girlfriend Grimes, Elon Musk had two children with Shivon Zilis, a senior employee at his brain chip business Neuralink.

Musk reaffirmed his concerns about the low birth rate and stated he is contributing to the solution. “Helping the underpopulation situation as best I can. The greatest threat to society is a decline in birthrate,”  he tweeted.

In his tweet, Elon shared concern about the declining birth rate in the United States in May and how he was contributing to the statistics being stable. The billionaire said on May 24 that the “USA birth rate has been below minimum sustainable levels for over 50 years.” 

Therefore, Elon Musk’s father offers to donate his sperm. Currently, Musk has nine children: two with Zilis, two with musician Grimes, and five with his ex-wife Justine Wilson.

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