Aloe Vera of America Receives Awards for Environmental Health Efforts

Aloe Vera of America

Aloe Vera of America, Inc. has been awarded the Blue Thumb Award and the Pollution Prevention Award for the seventh year in a row for its continued commitment to environmental health. Aloe Vera of America is the manufacturer and distributor of Forever Living‘s aloe vera products to around 160 countries.

About the awards issued

Both the awards were issued by the City of Dallas based on performance and finest management conventions for natural resource conservation. The Blue Thumb Award is a prestigious award given to companies that satisfy regional and national pretreatment provisions for reporting, monitoring, and manufacturing wastewater. It is based on regulatory adherence to all permit limitations when the City of Dallas conducts its testing on wastewater discharge grade. To accomplish this discharge grade, Aloe Vera of America treats its establishment’s production water discharge — stopping any possible contaminants through chemical processes — before sending it back out to the City of Dallas wastewater system.

Aloe Vera of America’s establishment has three wastewater sample points from which surprise samplings are taken, twice per month. To receive the Blue Thumb Award, the Company had to fulfill  24 perfect water sampling results in a year and pass two-yearly checks with flawless scores. To date, it has accomplished 168 successive perfect wastewater sampling results and 14 flawless checks.

The Pollution Prevention Award also called the P2 Award, is based on the finest approaches to pollution prevention. It is shown to companies showcasing a responsibility to decrease or eradicate contaminants through boosted efficiency of natural materials, energy, water, or additional resources — or saving of natural resources by conservation.

The goal of Forever Living’s Corporate Director of Environmental & Occupational Safety Health

Our major objective is to assure that all Forever Businesses concede with all national, state, and municipality environmental and occupational safety laws, norms, and directives,” says Rafael Hernandez. “We are regularly examining and implementing endeavors to decrease the environmental effect of our manufacturing processes. From the aloe farms in the Dominican Republic and Mission, Texas, to our manufacturing establishments in Texas, Arizona, and Florida,” he added.

Efforts to win the Awards

Aloe Vera of America lately received awards for its emphasis on water conservation measures during the cleaning operation of manufacturing equipment. The organization saved 353,400 gallons of water from January 2021 to September 2021.

“We are presently concentrating on improving our energy and water preservation programs to persist our environmental, health, and water devotion,” Hernandez says of Aloe Vera of America’s persisted measures.
As part of this continued dedication, Aloe Vera of America has also executed a waste recycling agenda to decrease its consumption of plastics and responsibly recycle waste. Besides, the organization is approved by ISO environmental and safety norms, and in 2022, will initiate the procedure to accomplish ISO certifications in water and energy preservation.

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