MobiFitness Celebrates Games in Beijing and Valentine’s Day


Leading Global Fitness Brand Announces Deal to Honor Self-Love and Self-Care 

MobiFitness runs a special campaign to celebrate Valentine’s Day and the games in Beijing on 14 February 2022. The purpose of this campaign is to encourage more people to switch their focus to self-love and self-care through a healthy lifestyle.

The pursuit of physical and mental self-care has increased attention nowadays as shown by the 1 billion Google searches based on health and Wellness.

Mobifitness is dedicated to delivering restorative and healthy lifestyle guidance. During the lockdown period, people are being motivated to uplift and encourage each other to follow a more optimistic and healthier lifestyle. 

According to Britannica: “Valentine’s Day is an occasion when lovers convey their love with greetings and gifts,” so, with all this passion in the air, Mobifitness is running Valentine’s campaign presenting 2 ideal things that will allow people to show their love and passion:

Turbo Exercise Bike – An Luxury Exercise Bike That Assists in Developing Self-Care:

With an elegant and beautiful design, this bike delivers customizable metrics and exercise goals and an app that delivers multiple professional lessons with no subscription required. People can relish gym-like indoor cycling and scintillate online challenges with their lovers. Please visit here for more details and use the code UOSHMMAA to save $340 in total.

Promax Rowing Machine – An Amusing Rowing Machine That Improves People’s Lives:
When partners are exercising on the Promax Rowing Machine together, both can relish the immersive outdoor adventure with interactive lessons and competitions. Further, advancement and accurate understandings can be followed for better comprehensive training. Please visit here for more information ($120 Clip Coupon).

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